Friday 13 November 2009

Some Things

I bought these machine knitting cones in the charity shop today as I loved the colours, particularly the turquoise. The yarn is quite fine, I'm going to try some little crochet flowers perhaps. Worth a try for just 25p each.

Yesterday, my second order from The Linen Cat arrived. All are all intended for Christmas presents though I am loathe to part with the green lavender bird, he's beautiful! Not only do they look great, they all smell gorgeous too.

I also treated myself to an interiors magazine. Several years ago I used to buy several of these each month but stopped when I gave up my job, not only was I economising but decorating fashions became very expensive and bland. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the one I happened upon while browsing during the weekly shop, it's a new one for me - Country Homes & Interiors.

It includes a rather attractive 2010 calendar.

March in particular looks great, love the crochet blanket.

Also in the magazine are some lovely Christmas decorations which look suitable for adapting and making oneself:
I may have a go at making a couple of little felt houses similar to these...

...likewise these doves. Where I'll find the time I don't know, but we'll see.

The magazine has also given me another Christmas decoration inspiration. I'll not say what it is, if it works OK (which it should, it's very simple and I've made something similar before) I'll post a little tutorial. The first step involves putting some things in the freezer which I'll do tonight...

Enjoy your weekend!


Unknown said...

What a great buy on the yarn and the colors are soooooo yummie. Keep us posted on what you make.

rockinloubylou said...

Intriguing! Looking forward to finding out what's in the freezer!

Jennyff said...

Can't resist charity shop yarns, even though you have no idea of the ply, content or weight. Winding off half the yarn and knitting two strands together usually gives something like 4 ply. Yours were a particular bargain, well done.

Diane said...

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas round at your house!! I'm resisting until the 1st of December.! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging the lavender bags! Loving the mag photos, may have to go and buy it as I also stopped buying home interior magazines but in our still builders site I need to look forward to how it will be once it's finished. (So glad you like the birds!). Bx

Lyn said...

I can not resist Christmas editions of magazines, I buy too many!!!!
Love the birdies you bought, I know what you mean, it gets expensive when you buy gifts and add one for yourself....will you keep it I wonder?


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