Wednesday 28 March 2012

Spring Is In The Air, Everywhere I Look Around...

The lovely weather continues. N and I went for a walk at the loch this morning.

Hazy but warm.

Ooooh, catkins. Willow I think.

Blackthorn blossom. We don't have many blackthron bushes around here, mostly it's hawthorn. In the Spring it's easy to tell them apart - blackthorn has flowers before leaves, hawthorn has leaves before flowers.

Looking up and leaves are just starting to unfurl above.

A distant umbellifer skeleton.


N and I.

We took the scooter. Very little scooting but much pushing was done.

Now back home...
...Mr Sparrow here has chosen to build a nest under the barge board right above the back door. Little bits of nesting material and sparrow poo are now falling onto the doorstep. None of us has been "christened" yet, but give it time.

I'm still enjoying the snake's head fritillaries, this time photographed from underneath, slightly blurry as there was a bit of a breeze.

A tulip. In March!

Yesterday we went to a little Easter event at N's old toddler group.

En route we passed this tree, I like how the new leaves on the lower branches are glowing green in the morning sun.

Teensy window.

At the do N got his face painted. He always picks Spiderman and this time he got a bonus spiderman hand too.

I believe the fine weather is to last till the weekend when "normality" (colder, cloudier, wetter!) is set to resume. Our Easter school holidays start this weekend...


rockinloubylou said...

Can almost feel the heat haze from those photos. And such a cute wee spidey hand!

Lyn said...

it will finish on Friday....because we break up for Easter so you can bet it will-typical!
lovely photos though.

Louise said...

Lovely photos as always. I was once "christened" by a pigeon as I walked out of the doorway at the bank! I was only about 3.

The Easter hol starts at the weekend for me too. The weather has been amazing here all week and so hot! I havent' had chance to enjoy it yet though I'm hoping to sneak in an hour or two outdoors tomorrow. Typical that the weekend will return to normal british weather!

Rosangela said...

Fotos maravilhosas.
Fiz minha primeira ripple.
Venha ver.

Claire said...

Hey Anne, beautiful pics, you have certainly captured Spring through your lens......

The fungus remind me of shells. I discovered a Snakeshead Fritillary plant at a market last year and planted it out after it finished flowering.I hope it has survived .........

Enjoy the beautiful weather, it's a stunning Autumn day here. The smoke from the burnoffs has finally cleared.

Claire :}

VintageVicki said...

Got to enjoy it while it lasts.

Our weekend forecast is much cooler - typical as the schools break up on Friday.

Some lovely photos - am especially loving shadow pics at the moment.

Simone said...

The weather always changes for the holidays doesn't it? We'd best make the most of it whilst it lasts!!!

Mrs. Micawber said...

There's always a breeze when attempting close-up flower photographs, it seems - that's my experience anyway.

So glad you're having a warm spell - such a treat, isn't it? We're back to more March-like temps here but the heat wave has pushed all the flowering trees to break into blossom early and it's gorgeous.

I love the blackthorn blossom and the fungus that echoes the colours of the pebbles.

May your heads remain unchristened by sparrows.

Laura said...

I took the same pictures some days ago!! Spring is really here!! :)
Like your pictures!!!

* said...

I like the blackthorn hawthorn thing, that will stick with me (but probably the wrong way around!) love your pictures it's been glorious hasn't it. I've really felt the cold over the past couple of days, it was a bit of a shock after the summer temperatures.

pembrokeshire lass said...

Loved the photos...isn't the countryside glorious this time of year? I really liked the flower photos. I hope to find a course to improve my phoytography. I can't seem to get the degree of clarity that other bloggers seem to have when they take close up!
I'm new to this blogging and am so interested in other's experiences. I find it quite exciting. thanks for sharing your life with us. Joan x


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