Sunday 12 February 2012

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Yuck, the weather turned out to be worse than I expected - cold, misty and damp. Certainly not dry, but not so wet either that it wasn't reasonable for a cycle. I set off about 9am.

Even I don't attempt this closed road, not even pedestrians are allowed. Instead I go up the road I seem most often to take out the village when I've no particular route in mind.

Through the woods, the mist makes it all most atmospheric.

Bright splashes of orange from the beech leaves brighten view.

A buzzard sits atop a fence post.

All so wet. February is my least favourite month of the year.

Baaaa. I especially like the little group posing for the camera on the left.

Shortly after this point a deer crosses the road right in front of me, I think it is as surprised as I am. I then spot its companion in the woodland to my right. However, both disappear too quickly to photograph. The first one bounded away across the fields showing off its white rump, so I think they were roe deer.

Past the glacial erratic. I like the farmhouse on the left, you need to peer through the gloom to see it.

These closed road signs I ignore. I actually like it when a road is closed like this as usually it means there is much less traffic. I still manage to get splattered by a Tesco delivery van zooming through the mucky puddles though.

Another murky photo of the white farmhouse on the hill.

A different white farmhouse. I like the small hill of patchwork fields this one sits beside.

Higher up and the mist starts to thicken.

It also starts to rain. I abandon plans of a longer ride and turn off down a side road towards home.

Down past the red gate and post, the tree mound barely visible.

But I don't want to go home just yet, so while on the quieter roads I do an extra little loop.

This little road leads you to...

...the big dipper. If you hold your nerve and DON'T BRAKE you can make it down one side and right up the other without having to pedal. Wheeee, it was fun!

My chain comes off here, it was a nice bend in the road for a last photo. Chain back on I head home.

I know that there is some of this refrigerator cake waiting for me. Two pieces will do for now. My sugar cravings are rather out of control at the moment. I blame the time of year - I don't like February, certainly not the damp, dull, wet, dreich Februaries we normally get here. Some snow would brighten things up, so long as the roads stay clear though...


June said...

LOvely photos of your bike ride - I love those ones of the single trees bereft of their leaves - a bit haunting with the mist in the background. There's nothing like cake to cheer you up!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that looks bleak and horrid, it would have taken a lot of persuasion to get me out on a day like that, well done.

Grateful4Crochet said...

I love these photos, so atmospheric!!!
And what an awesome reward for a wet cold bike ride.

Meredith said...

I have been missing your bike ride photos, so beautiful.

Habbie tot said...

You're a brave woman freewheeling down that hill, especially when you see the potholes!


Claire said...

Hey Anne, I feel chilly just looking at these pics.....they really are beautiful and atmospheric.

Love this sort of weather, but would prefer to be inside a heated car than out on a bike.......

Love the splash of colour provided by the Beech leaves and the red ball on the gate post and the road signs and witches hats, hehe.....

Two pieces of cake well deserved and a hot drink I think to warm you up.....

Have a great week, hope the sun shows it's face at some stage.

Claire :]

sue said...

Another lovely bike ride, even if the weather was less than perfect! Gorgeous photos as ever.

Rattling On said...

We have hills like that! I was once kmocked off my bike by a lorry on a narrow road, he didn't even stop. I lost a shoe and never found it!
Still snow and ice here as well as the fog, your cake would be very welcome.

claire@farfromharmfarm said...

thanks for going out in that horrible weather. i love the pics from your bike rides.

Diane said...

A really atmospheric ride. x

Annie said...

Beautiful images. It's been like that here, but without the compensation of refrigerator cake!

Julie said...

Oooo, it looks like it was pretty chilly - well done for going out. The biscuits look yummy - I'm having major problems with sugar cravings just no. Definitely the time of year....I hope! Juliex

* said...

Lovely pics....funny, I hear my mum say dreich sometimes, good word!

February is not always a great month eh? But spring is on it's way.


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