Wednesday 15 February 2012

Blankets, Branches and Birds.

The turtle blanket goes for its first swim... future, when a small boy is not feeling well I'll give him an easy wash-fleece blanket to snuggle and not one of the crochet blankets. Barf and crochet do not mix!

I hand washed the blanket which is made of a mixture of acrylic (fine to wash) and charity shop wool (super felty!), then put it in the machine on a slow spin. At the end of the spin I fully expected to open the machine and find a mass of woolly ends and tangles, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover the blanket was all in one unstretched, unshrunk piece and that no ends had started to unravel. Phew! N is still a little under the weather though, which is a shame as we had three days off for half term but as a result of the sickness bug we were inclined to stay close to home.

We've had some relatively nice weather over the break (apologies for the gloomy and moany tone of my last post - I don't mind February if the sun shines!). While all was bright I decided to see how my pile was developing...

...crochet blanket pile that is. Two are completed - at the bottom is the african flower blanket, second from top is the newly washed turtle blanket. One just needs a few more ends sewn (second from bottom), and my current daisy project is at the top of the pile.

Since the African flower blanket I do seem to have gone for a more definite blue and green theme. This was intentional as I wanted to make a couple of blankets which better suited the living room colour scheme. The African flower blanket is perfect for my daughter's room though she's normally too hot in bed to need it.

Back to the holidays...

... On Monday N seemd fine and we attempted a walk in the woods. Uh oh, mud, thick oozy mud, fortunately we set off with wellies on. Mine were given to me by hubby and as you can see pre date the current fancy patterned welly trend.

We could vaguely see the sun through the clouds.

The cloudy sun again, this time lurking behind a wonderfully wiggly tree.

Fat bird on a branch.

Sun and branches.

The top of the woods adjoin fields. A enjoyed running to the brow of the hill to see what she could see.

N by this point was sitting on a log wanting to go home.

So we did. I managed a couple of arty beech leaf photos before we left.

I then had to satisfy my photographic cravings in the garden...

...the crocuses are almost ready to flower. I checked my blog (the search function is brill for this) and last year the crocuses didn't flower till around the 25th Feb, so we're just over a week ahead this year, not as much as I thought.

Molly in the holly.

Snowdrops from below.

And again.


Skipping a day we move to earlier today. The sun was shining and it was relatively mild. I capture some sky images for the Sky365 Flickr Pool.



We went to a nearby park.

Then to the loch.

There were lots of these birds about. I didn't know what they were till I used the RSPB bird identifier form and would now say that this is just a black headed gull in its winter plumage.

The same bird after being "encouraged" onto the water by the children. The surface of the loch is like glass, giving wonderful reflections.

Ducks in a row.

A pink footed goose (I used the RSPB site to identify this too)

Lastly, a jackdaw.

Back to school tomorrow...


periwinkle said...

Lovely photo's and your pile of blankets look beautiful. Do hope little one is feeling better soon

June said...

Delightful photos! Hope your little one is better soon!

kathy b said...

Molly is ADORABLe

Diane said...

The most gorgeous pile of gorgeous blankets ever! Hope he's better. Great walks. xxxxxx

driftwood said...

what a shame to be poorly in the holidays....
the blanket pile is gorgeous, I love the colours x

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I'm sorry to read that N is under the weather, mine too are bunged up with bugs and the general sleep deprivation (as a result) is taking it's toll today. I hope you have a nicer finish to half-term.

Lovely photos as always. Beth :)

VintageVicki said...

Love the pile of blankets and I'm glad the turtle one survived its wash.

Hope everyone is better soon xx

Used-to-Bees said...

Your blanket pile is dreamy! Lovely photos from around and about, but sorry your half-term break has been spoilt by bugs. Hope N is back on top form soon!

Annie said...

Wonderful blanket pile :D And I love your sky pics ... I need to put my latest into the Sky365 Flickr pool but the camera card reader has broken so I'm waiting on delivery of a new one.
Hope your little one is feeling better soon x

Claire said...

Glad the turtle blanket survived it's first swim Anne......
The third pic in is wonderful.....all those beautiful blankets you made, they're gorgeous, love the colour palette used........

Love the bird in the tree photo and those snow drops look amazing.

Hope N is feeling tip top ASAP.....

Claire :}

Mereknits said...

Beautiful pictures, and your blankets all together are a mass of color and beauty. Sorry your little one was under the weather, glad you got the blanket all washed and back to perfection. Have a wonderful day,

Simone said...

Beautiful photos.

Heather - The Good Life said...

Beautiful photos. I hope your son is now feeling better.

* said...

Love that you have a pile of blankets, I definitely need more in my life, especially all those lovely blues. The daisy blanket is gorgeous....I think you've put me onto my next project!

Hope all is hunky-dory and back to normal.....sick bugs are the worst, and how rotten to be poorly in the hols.

Anonymous said...

Your current project, the daisy blanket is a gorgeous texture. I like the way the petals stand proud of the surface a little. Hope you are bug-free soon.

Lyn said...

Such a shame he was ill when on holiday!
Hope he's feeling better. Lovely photos as usual, great snowdrop ones!

flowersandhome said...

Beautiful pictures again!!! Love all the blankets you crocheted!

Dawn said...

Oh dear, poor turtle blanket! I'm glad both blanket and son have recovered.
Your blanket pile is so colourful, I love it!

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a beautiful pile of blankets. Just think, the washing will probably felt those ends nicely into place and you'll never have to worry about them peeking out. Hope your little one feels better - here in the US the norovirus is all over the place, causing barfing on a national scale.

Lovely walk, and I like the wiggly tree. Although I look forward to spring, I will miss the bare branches against the sky.

I'll have to check out the bird identifier website. Perhaps it will work for American birds too.

Those crocuses are an amazing colour, and the snowdrops are so pretty. I've never seen a snowdrop here. They remind me a bit of wood trillium.

Julie said...

So pleased your blanket survived. Hope N is properly better now. Love the Bear Hunt reference, one of my favourite books! Juliex


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