Saturday 23 October 2010

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

It's raining! This year it has been unusual for me to have to make my Saturday morning cycle in the rain (such a change from last year). I actually rather enjoy the novelty of it today.

Off up my favourite hill through the woods, here I'm quite sheltered from the weather and the raindrops and leaves pitter-patter to the ground together.

Now at the top of the hill, less sheltered but the rain is still soft. Two horses stand in a field next to the dyke.

An imaginative place to leave your empty can of tennents (and which led me on a YouTube journey resulting in this blast from the past, makes me want to go and live in Scotland, haha!)

Now, some cow line-up action:-


It started raining a bit more heavily at this point and the wind was blowing the rain into my face, so no photos were taken for the next few miles.

However, by this point the rain had eased and I'd also changed direction. I like this row of little beech trees sporting their Autumn colours and each with a little section of hedge in front.

A direct view of one of the trees.

A little further on looking back down the road, the little trees can now be seen in the middle distance on the right.

Further on again, looking north across the fields to the far away hills some of which have a light dusting of snow.

The "view" south at exactly the same point.

Yet further and I'm approaching the woods with the lochan. I get off my bike for a little walk in the woodland.

The lochan looking grey and still today.

Heading back towards my bike.

Homeward bound now I pass the little fancy summer house looking rather neglected.

The view over the countryside from the same position. A lovely Autumn landscape, a little sunshine would have made it sparkle a little more though.

The grand doocote, only one dove present perched on the top of the gate arch.

A last view before cycling through more populated areas towards home. It was quite a cold morning, definitely glove wearing weather.

I hosted a craft night last night - we're starting to make things to sell at the school fair. Another excuse to make some cakes (no wonder I don't like to miss my weekly cycle or I'd be the size of a house!), and bring out the Pimms No 3 - delicious served warmed with apple juice.

There's some chocolate cake left...

...but I decide to have a piece of chocolate caramel shortbread (or two) after my shower.


Simone said...

A lovely bike ride as usual despite the rain. I bet the little summerhouse was lovely when it was first built and brought lots of pleasure. I like the dovecote too and the line up of cows! How I would love a glass of warm Pimms right now and a slice of your delicious looking chocolate cake. x

Marg said...

I love your bike ride posts, beautiful photos, it's almost like being there in person. It even looks beautiful on a cool rainy day. Mmmmm chocolate caramel shortbread, one of my favourites.

Unknown said...

I was scrolling through the google feeder and there they were. My cows... and I knew we were going for a Saturday ride in my favorite place...the English Countryside. Thanks for taking me along... aDoRe that house too by the way. Did we go a new route this time?


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I want to go and nosey in that fabulous summer house, poor thing it needs some TLC (I always feel like this about neglected summer houses and gate houses).

Good for you getting out despite the weather, my running is already suffering from the rain, but with such great cake I can see why you do :)

Julie said...

We've just come back dwon from Aberdeenshire where we woke, one morning, to quite a lot of snow- It got me all excited! It looks as if it must have been cold over on the west too.
I must get back to exercising properly. I'm not the size of a house yet but my trousers are straining. Juliex

Unknown said...

Please, please forgive me. I should have known better. Having read lots of "Across the Pond" history could I make that mistake all this time.

But, you know what. I'll still be back to ride again with you, as I love to visit the cow and SCOTTISH countryside....

Peddle On,

Lyn said...

Great bike ride as usual, I would love to take a peek in the old summer house, it would make a great little studio!

rockinloubylou said...

oh PLEASE! I clicked on your youtube link and immediately clicked off again - although a proud scot I detest that blooming song! My brother put me off it by having sing alongs in his flat many years ago where we played guitars (I was on tambourine) and took turns to make up ever more corny lyrics to the music. Seemed hilarious but that was probably the alcohol. Nothing as stylish as Pimms right enough! Caramel shortcake looks amazing and you certainly earned it.

Anonymous said...

From the indolence of my sofa, I really look forward to your Saturday bike rides you know! Your photos are always just gorgeous, so evocative that I can almost smell the wet leaves. I am still chuckling about the cow-sized squirell falling out of a tree (catching up on posts after a week away).

Anonymous said...

Squirrel, even. Have shum more Pimmsh...

Unknown said...

I look forward to your Saturday bike ride posts. Such dedication to go out on a rainy day.


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