Monday 25 October 2010

October so far

I enjoy taking photographs! In keeping a blog I have realised how difficult it is to express oneself in writing. For me, a picture does indeed speak a thousand words. Here are some October photos, no link between them aside from that fact that they are all from October this year and were taken within 500 yards of home.

Early October, a bee (I love the detail of the wings) visits the asters.

My version, raspberry and brown chocolate. The raspberries on top were from the garden, the canes were only planted this year and we didn't actually expect any fruit till next year. They were lovely and sweet.

N's teddies being bumped down the step into our kitchen. I did originally think I would paint this step at some point but I rather like the "distressed" look of it now, plus there are other jobs further up the priority list...

...such as tiling the kitchen. I still have vague plans to do some sort of mosaic, in the meantime a huge chopping board acts as a splash back behind the hob. For tea this day was chicken casserole (one of my favourite dishes). The chocolate cake far right was eaten before it was even iced, healthier that way I suppose!

Some of A's velcro animal creations, a snake and an elephant. She was keen that they be photographed.

Better than cbeebies; N watches some digger action from the living room window.

After school A & N play "beaches" in the garden.

A rainbow. It was a gorgeous Autumn day for visiting the nearby park...

...N absolutely loved running around in the fallen leaves.

The leaves are satisfyingly crisp and crunchy this year...

... perfect!

An aeroplane follows a recent vapour trail.

A halloween picture by A. I'm pleased that the spider and witch look happy and friendly, especially as they are now up on one of the kitchen cupboard doors.

A asked me one day what my three favourite things were. I replied that she, N and daddy (hubby) were. She disappeared to her pens and paper for a while and returned with this picture for me, she'd even made a frame for it. Awwwwwww!

Holly berries ripening nicely.

A frosty leaf.

Our doormat(!)

An attempt at a corner of my home photo. Corners are all I'd post, the rest being so untidy, I despair of ever getting the whole house tidy at one time ever again.

So, some of the nicer aspects of life in October. I like to remember what has pleased rather than record things I'd prefer to forget after all, like most of us I expect.


Hazel said...

Beeautiful post! I agree. I am much better at pictures than words. You live in a lovely place. Now stop showing me all those dastardly cakes!!! I'm drooling here. xx

Helsie said...

Lovely post - a little window into your world.

Anne said...

I LOVE your doormat.

Unknown said...

I love the colours from the last corner photo, big fan of muted pinks and purples - gorgeous!

Dawn said...

Lovely photos and post (especially like the look of that cake!)

VintageVicki said...

Gorgeous photos :)

I keep missing the rainbows so nice to see someone has captured one.

periwinkle said...

I couldn't agree more , some people just have the knack of being able to say the right things , unfortunately I'm not one of those!! I'd kill for that view from your window - I would honestly ....

Anonymous said...

What a lovely insight into your everyday life. Super photos!

Lyn said...

Lovely post, an online diary to look back on and remember.

topchelseagirl said...

What a lovely big window you have, and the view doesn't look too shabby either! Like your chopping board splashback. x

apricot corner said...

Love your comment about your raspberries.... our first year harvest was exactly (3) three. But, they tasted like liquid sweet sunshine :) X Ursula

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Especially the doormat, the final corner still life and the friendly smiley spider, quite the nicest spider I've ever seen!


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