Sunday 28 March 2010

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Off for about 8am, wishing I'd left earlier. We were woken as usual by N at 6:30 but I felt tired and wasted time (and sunshiney time it was too!) trying unsuccessfully to get back to sleep.

Unlike last week though it's cold so the gloves are back on.

The sun was still shining by the time I get to the top of the hill.

Lots of clouds around though. I head downhill onto the cyclepath.

I take a little detour off the cyclepath to have a wander round the medieval church (built in 1504).

I like the posing birds - one on top of the tree and one on top of the tower.

The view inside.

Some lovely stonework.

Back onto the cycle path and past the loch.

Further along there is a castle dating from the 15th century.

I wander over for a nosey round this too but there's no access to the inside.

Another posing bird on a bare branched tree. On some trees the leaf buds are noticeably swollen and green.

The view from the castle looking towards the loch.

Off the cyclepath now and back onto unclassified roads. I know from the map that there is another ruined castle just to right of the above scene . However, it's up a dead end farm track which has a big gate across it's entrance, I chicken out of going to see it.

If you look closely there's a rainbow over the hills between the tree trunks. Shortly after taking this photo the rain starts, just little showers, nothing too heavy.

Passing this field I hear lambs bleating. LAMBS! The first ones I've seen out in the fields this year. They were away over the other side of the field, also it was still raining at this point so it's not a terrible good photo I'm afraid.

Nice hut.

It's a bit of a climb up to here and I stop for some chocolate. Once I reach the farm a very unfriendly dog chases after me, growling fiercely and showing me all his sharp pointy teeth. I zoom off safely down the other side of the hill.

I realise I've not taken a bike shot. Here you are - beside my favourite gate and tree mound on my favourite little stretch of road. It's the first time I've cycled down rather than up this road and it's definitely less interesting going in this direction

Up past the big stone towards home.

I indulge in some more crocus photos in the garden before going inside.

And here's what was in the Cath Kidston package from my last post.

A messenger bag from the sale. I wanted a big cross-body bag for carrying nappies and stuff now that N is walking more so we don't always have the pram for carrying things. I've not had occasion to use it yet though and I'm a little concerned that when I do I'll feel as though I'm wandering about with a cushion strapped to my hip. Ah well.

To completely change the subject again, and not in a good way, I was very saddened to find out this morning that Elspeth Thompson has died. I have several of her books, my favourite being Urban Gardener - she writes more knowledgeably in her later books which somehow makes them slightly less interesting for me though still beautifully written and enjoyable. I had looked forward to more from her, but sadly that's not to be. Someone who'll be missed by many.


Penny said...

Hello Anne, Thanks for dropping by at Planet Penny! You've got some lovely photos, what a gorgeous area you live in. Isn't it lovely to see some spring weather at last?

VintageVicki said...

Was going to comment on all your lovely pictures from your ride but the last paragraph made me change my mind.

How sad to hear that Elspeth Thompson has passed away - I am a big fan of her work & books :(

Unknown said...

Ride on. Loved our morning journey again. The hut is too cute. Now, about the C.K bag, awesome... Come see my new V.B.

Sunday Hugs,

silverpebble said...

Goodnes Anne, that first photo gave me an almost overwhelming urge to run into the photo up that beautiful little hill.

Your bag is very lovely indeed. I don't think it'll look like a cushion at all.

topchelseagirl said...

Thanks for taking us on such a lovely ride, stunning photos.

rockinloubylou said...

Great bike ride. You did well to dig yourself out of bed, especially with the clocks going forward. Bag looks lovely. Not a cushion at all!

Simone said...

Thank you for taking me on your cycling trip! Lovely photos especially the rainbow one and the one with the lambs. I was sad to read about Elspeth too. She had just started a gardening blog that I was very much looking forward to reading.

Dawn said...

What beautiful countryside and old buildings. I did enjoy that cycle ride as I could do it from my sofa!

Jennyff said...

That was a particularly beautiful ride out. There is a special brightness in your photos this week and I am always impressed at your early start. I just heard about Elspeth Thompson today, very sad and shocking news. She was an inspiration and a great gardener, my thoughts are with her family.

Julie said...

Some beautiful photos. I love the one with the rainbow. Your bag looks perfect for lugging around nappies and bits and pieces for little ones and, no, it doesn't look like a cushion.

So sad to hear about Elspeth Thompson.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I feel jealous of your energy as I've missed my last 2 runs through being away and have spent the weekend eating peanuts and other salty snacks - oh dear!

Sorry to hear about Elspeth Thompson as well, I had missed this news and am also a fan.


Funkymonkey said...

Gorgeous photos as always. Loving the bag too.


Iota said...

These are such beautiful pictures. You're making me homesick.

Yiota said...

Saturday is long gone but a ride with you around this BEAUTIFUL countryside always makes my day! I have no words really to express how much I love these posts!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Your photos are beautiful as always.

I haven't been on a bike ride for ages. I must do something about that this Spring.

I like you CK bag it is a lovely design.

Warm wishes
Isabelle x

Unknown said...

you live in such a beautiful area!!

periwinkle said...

we are very lucky in this country to have such old and amazing old buildings don't you think . I can't wait to see how your pics change once all those green buds have burst into life ..


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