Wednesday 24 March 2010

This week...

At the weekend I finally started tidying up the garden. The weather since then has turned colder again and we've even had some rain; it's been ages since I've had to wear my raincoat - an unusual winter for us indeed.

Most of the week up till now has been spent indoors...

Mmmmm, crispy cakes dressing a 10p charity shop plate.

Jackdaw silhouettes.


I was responsible for buying the prizes for the lucky dip box for our toddlers Spring fundraising event (held yesterday, Tuesday) which required a visit to the nearest big Tesco. I don't normally shop here which is just as well - I find the non-food aisles are just too tempting as the above photograph proves!

Lindt chocolate is my favourite. Amazingly the rabbits and packets of mini eggs are still intact despite being in the house for over 24 hrs. Not long to wait now...

I liked the cheery green apple print on this tea towel. £2 for a pack of 3. I've recently replaced quite a few of our old tatty, holey tea towels. Sadly it doesn't make me any keener to dry the dishes.

Talking of dishes, we use pasta bowls a lot - not just for pasta but also for mince and casserole based meals, we just prefer them to flat dinner plates. The ones in our cupboard though were showing their age - chipped, crazed and from various sets. I'd been on the look out for new pasta bowls for over a year now but hadn't seen anything in the right shape which wasn't just plain boring white. These ones are perfect. I bought 6 but will buy another 2 later (£3 each).

A set of mugs. Strictly speaking we don't really need these but I liked them. They were in a pack which makes it hard to see them properly and unfortunately the blue ones are flawed in that the pattern transfer is quite smudged in places. I didn't think it worth the petrol cost to return them and really it's only me that probably notices!

And yes, I did buy the lucky dip prizes, then spent a couple of evenings wrapping them. All 52 of them! It was worth it though to see the pleasure the children got from picking them.

Some homebaking for the fundraising event too - chocolate caramel shortbread and tablet (the most dangerous type of homebaking for me - just one taste and I could easily eat the lot!).

And a big batch of blueberry muffins freshly baked by hubby early on Tuesday morning.

A and I were lucky in the raffle, I was going to save the chocolates and Cava for a DVD evening but have to confess to opening the chocolates already.

Lastly, a long awaited package finally arrives. What's inside? You'll need to wait and see!


Helsie said...

You have been busy haven't you?
I really love your pasta plates.

We're like you and prefer to use them instead of plates for all sorts of meals- curries, stir fries etc. The other thing is we can eat in front of the TV with them - a bit of a treat now and then especially if there's something special on that we want to watch.

Jennyff said...

Excellent shopping, I particularly like the mugs and the tea towels. I had been looking at some of the latter that were about £10 each, I realise now you don't have to pay over the odds for great design. Thaks for bringing me back to my senses.

Dawn said...

Lovely tea towels - what a great buy.
And Lindt chocolate bunnies....mmmmm.

topchelseagirl said...

I love your 10p CS plate and those mugs too. I think you deserve a mini medal for wrapping all those lucky dip prizes and the home baking looks yummy.

Julie said...

Hi Anne - the Lindt chocolate bunnies are my favourites too. I ended up buying some for me and John as well as the kids last year - oops!

I think your supermarket buys are lovely, lots of pretty colours and patterns. If I ever visit a big Edinburgh supermarket I tend to get into all sorts of debates with myself about what we do and don't 'need'. Some of the aisles are so tempting. Juliex
PS I wish John could bake like that!

Cathy said...

Mmmn...what a yummy blog post. I am feeling that I need chocolate eggs now, and probably a blueberry muffin to follow. Not good for the old diet. I absolutely love those dishes with the red berry sprigs and the mugs are beautifully designed. What a pity they were not perfect...and as for the Cath Kidstone package. Can't wait to see within.

Unknown said...

So many yummie pictures to see today. I'm going back for another look.

Great post

Simone said...

You made some lovely things for the spring fundraising event. Hubby looks like a very good muffin maker!!!

silverpebble said...

Ooh I adore your 10p charity shop plate - how fabulously fifties it is. Can I ask where you got your pasta bowls from?

kirsty said...

Mmmm, Lindt chocolate! Love the mugs and the tea towels - I'd have to cut them up and create something jolly!


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