Saturday 4 July 2009

Saturday morning cycle ride

For the first few miles I follow my usual route. The killer hill seems easier, am I getting fitter?

A pleasant view from along the top.

At the big stone...

... I decide to go straight on instead of left...

...and end up at the loch. The scullers were out training - what I used to do on a Saturday morning bc (before children!)

This otter carving is new since I was last down this way.

I just took the cycle path home. There's a mediaeval church just off the cycle path which I've glimpsed many a time through the trees but never bothered taking the time to stop and visit...

...till today!

Bit of blurb

Love the stonework


and more!

Then back up the lane to the cycle path. The sun is just starting to make an appearance, it turned out to be a lovely day despite the earlier presence of the ominous black clouds.

And I used my new camera! I'm still not entirely happy with the quality of my scenic shots - I think they're still rather dark. Off now to read the manual to see what I can do...

1 comment:

rockinloubylou said...

I love that you love the stonework. It used to be part of my job to do the masonry consolidation at places like that and I did used to wonder if anyone ever noticed how carefully it was done.


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