Sunday 5 July 2009

Pebbles etc

Bit disorganised today with nothing exciting to report (thankfully!). Just posting some of the better photos taken when playing with my new camera in the garden...

These pebbles sit in one of my window boxes. The dark red and pale grey ones were collected a few years ago from the lovely beach at Auchmithie with the intention of using them in a pebble mosaic for the garden at some point...

Second phase of honesuckle flowers.

Hydrangeas are starting to bloom, gorgeous blue.

The pumpkin, which is now a squash, as the original pumpkin got, errr, squashed!
(It was flattened by some gymball rolling at the 4yr old's recent birthday party.)


rockinloubylou said...

omg, hope my little 4 year old wasn't the culprit.

andamento said...

No, it was the boys!


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