Friday 17 July 2009

New mirror and yet more birthday cake...

A new mirror design...

...just recently completed.

I've a few new designs ready to make. I should have a bit more time to do them now that the birthday party season is over. Talking of which, we were lucky again! The day of the party dawned fair, the storms of the previous day forgotten, by afternoon the sun was shining and we had a garden party!

The birthday boy is wearing the checked shirt and dark blue hat and eating something (what a surprise!)

On the actual birthday I made another cake ( I did look in the shops just to buy one, but didn't see one I fancied!)

It's from this book which was an impulse buy in TK Maxx one day. Everything we've made so far from it has been good and because it's aimed at children there's nothing too tricky either.

Think somebody enjoyed it anyway!

We went for a little birthday bike ride along the cycle path to the loch.

N & A travel in style in the trailer pulled by Dad. I get to ride unencumbered and stop for a couple of photos.


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Anonymous said...

I love the plant pics. Would go there just for those.


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