Wednesday 28 August 2013

Misc. Aug.

Flinging up my random photo collection for August...

Inspired by Rattling On I start a scarf...

...and finished it. I was a little short of yarn so added some extra rows in contrasting colours.

The main yarn used is Sirdar Countrstyle, the whole amount bought for 50p in a charity shop. That same visit I also bought the carved table shown under the crochet in the first photo, mine for £10. 

Ta da!

Whiskers white.

Some baking, looks like muffins.

And another almond tart this time with a mix of summer fruit.

Looks nice.

Tasted not bad too. Recipe from LEON.

View of pretty plant containers and wall. Taken right back at the beginning of the month, as were the following three photos too...

 Love the clouds in this one.

Crab and lobster collection by A from one of our beach visits during the school holidays.

Little wren furious with the cat (as was I) for pestering her family.

N's first day at school back on Aug 13th.

Finally, a tidy desk for me as I've now started back at school too. Future blog posts may be somewhat erratic as I try and keep up with the workload. I need to be able to read and remember faster!

 These shelves are tidy.

I spent one of my breaks at Uni parading with the tourists near the cathedral (future breaks will be spent in the library!). You've seen the lamp posts before, but this time I also wandered into the museum, they have some lovely stained glass there and a good view of the cathedral too (in the rain, unlucky for those caught in it, it's been pretty dry this summer for us)

Right, back to the books...

 Edited to add cat pic which didn't load 1st time round for some reason...

...Yes, it's supposed to be upside-down, I liked it that way!


Louise said...

This is a lovely way to remember some moments from August. I really don't want next week to come! I just keep thinking 'this time next year...' or 'in only 10 months it'll all be over' ... hope the studying has started off ok... don't spend all your breaks in the library - I think you should have a few actual breaks!

Linda said...

Oh the huge schoolbag! Such a classic back to school shot.
Hope your own studying goes well. You must have fantastic stamina to study with young children.

Kate said...

Nice pics :-) That's a great way to remember a month. Your scarf is very nice and your baked goods look yummy. My favorite is the cat photo :-)
Blessings :-)

Jennifer Hays said...

Your scarf is exactly my favorite color. I love the cat photo, it's really cool.

Rosemary said...

The stained glass window of the angel with the red wings looks like a Burne-Jones design for Wm Morris & Co?

Julie said...

Hope that N is getting on well and that you are too. Good luck with it all! Juliex

Eight by Six said...

the cat photo is clever, the other photos are good too! Amanda x

Anonymous said...

What a lot of things achieved, well done! N started school on Aug 13th? That is very early, poor thing.

I hope it all goes well at University and the workload won't pull you down.

I like the 'sticky' cat.

driftwood said...

good luck with your studies x

Rattling On said...

Love your scarf, and especially the last picture of the cat!!


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