Saturday 18 May 2013

Woods and a Win.

Time is flying by as so often happens at this time of year. May is my favourite month, I wish it lasted longer! Here are some photos from last weekend when we took a little walk in the woods...

En route to the woods we pass this wonderful patch of mossy saxifrage.

Fresh, new beech leaves.


 Woodland friends.

I love it when the new leaves appear. I think we'll try and go another walk tomorrow, perhaps some bluebells will be flowering. 

Looking up, all is no longer bare now.

 Unfurling ferns.

On the way home we pass the pots; this is how they're looking in early May.

Also earlier this month, I was lucky to win a giveaway hosted by Annie of Knitsofacto

The gift was beautifully wrapped...

Inside: a Jane Foster cat.

I've often admired these cats when I've spotted photos of them on-line. I have to say that in the flesh they are even more lovely. The fabrics used are very good quality and it's larger than I expected too. And it's mine! The kids are allowed to play with it, but it's mine. I like it very much, thank you Annie!

We just had our school "summer" BBQ today. Yesterday the weather was lovely, it's forecast to be good again tomorrow, but today it rained, lots! Typical! However, the event was still well attended and most people weren't letting the weather put them off. I was on the plant stall. Inside! It would have been so much more fun if it had been sunny though.

Right, off to watch a little bit of the Eurovision Song Contest, anyone else? (Have just watched the Romanian entry after hubby called me through, I could hear him chuckling. Oops, UK on now, better go!)

 A has a friend staying for a sleepover tonight, I wonder when they'll fall asleep...


Unknown said...

Spring, oh heavenly spring. Bursting forth green on your branches bare. How I love thee.

These are beautiful photos and a lovely post to boot. Happy Weekend. xo

Unknown said...

PS I love your "win" from Annie! So so great! Why am I not as clever as you and posted my win? I will have to incorporate somehow in my posts over the next week. you are so very smart! xo

susie said...

Wonderful photos !
And the cat from Annie is beautiful !!
Lovely greetings :)

**Anne** said...

Beautiful spring photos.
Anne xx

forgetmenotsblue said...

I really like your ferns unfurling what a lovely photo.
Lovely present too the kitty is fab x

Lyn said...

Lovely photos, and lucky you that little cat is cute...and it's all yours!

Gillian Roe said...

Very nice spring-ish photos, and that Jane Foster cat is brilliant! I love her work. Congrats on the win. x

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Hi Anne, lovely photos, I hope you have seen some bluebells, they are in flower all around here at the moment. Great win, I'm a fan of Jane Foster. Ah eurovision, we let the boys stay up very late this year and 2 mins in Felix asked where the score cards were so I had to rush upstairs to print them off! We normally have a party with my sister but it was just us this time, still made me laugh all the way through though. Beth/thelinencat xx


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