Wednesday 22 June 2011

The Show

A quick update for the past week...

The turtle blanket border is complete, proper photos to follow once all the ends have been dealt with.

Our local agricultural show was on the 18th June. I entered quite a few things and didn't do too badly.

For the record...
1st: African Flower Crochet Blanket.
2nd: Empire Biscuits
3rd: Chocolate Cake
Highly Commended (ie 4th in category): Bramble Jelly, Tablet, one photo.
Commended (5th): Crab Apple Jelly
Unmentioned: Chocolate Caramel Shortbread, another photo.

In previous years I've managed to take photographs of all my entries, this year I failed to do so, at first I thought it was just a sign of my increasing disorganisation, but in my defence I did enter more categories than I have done before and also had a night out the night before. Plus I had a rotten cold which is still lingering.

Anyway, on a brighter note, just look at all those cakes, yum! Unfortunately people's addresses were rather prominently displayed so I'm not including any close-ups here.

Weatherwise it wasn't a good day. In fact the whole of May and June so far have been very wet and cold here. The met office website (here) has some interesting maps showing different aspects of the weather each month compared to a recent 30 year average for that month. Here is the rainfall map for May (June data not yet available):-

As you can see, the West of Scotland has been particularly wet and the South and East of England particularly dry.

Now here is the max daily temp for April:-
Ahhh, happy days, come back April!

Back to the show, and outside we have some sheep!

They have quite interesting eyes I think.

I liked this chap's curly wurly horns.

And these ones were obviously very successful.

A view of the wet field, certainly not picnic weather this year, though we did all have an icecream.

A and N pose beside their favourite big yellow tractor.

I'd foolishly invited family round on the Sunday to help eat all the homebaking leftovers, forgetting how much cleaning and tidying was involved in getting the house ready for granny inspection, plus we couldn't just eat baking so I had to prepare even more food! Did I mention I've got a bad cold, awww!

So, very few photos as it's just not been the weather for being out and about in interesting places.

I'm now attempting to potty train N, a good excuse to put the heating on to help dry all the extra pants and trousers now being washed.

But I did find these lovely photos on my camera of the first poppy to flower in the garden.

Hmmm, looks like there was some sunshine that day.



Jennyff said...

You did really well at the show, always good to support these events. The weather is dreadful isn't it, I am off to do the ironing to get my hands warm.

Anonymous said...

BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE!! Well done! Your blanket was indeed a very worthy 'first place'. And to do it all whilst struggling with a cold then taking home a clutch of awards is fantastic.

June said...

Well done you! Good luck on the potty training. We've just gone and bought a puppy and the toilet training is pretty much the same - lots of cleaning up! The weather here has been pretty miserable too over the past week Yesterday it didn't rain but today it's back with a vengeance - roll on Summer!

Julie said...

Well done with the show entries. I often do the same with visitors, thinking how lovely it will be to have them, and then spend a few harrassed hours trying to clean, tidy and least the house is better for a while after - and of course it is good to see people too!
Love the met maps, I think the east is trying to catch up. Yesterday was appalling and today isn't much better. Juliex

Hazel said...

Your blanket looks fab. Can't wait to see more pics of it. Well done with all those wins! x

Dawn said...

Well done on your prizes - the win for your African flower blanket was well-deserved.
Liked your weather maps - my bit of England is one of the driest!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Just reading your list of entries made me want to head for the kitchen and make goodies ... or head for Scotland to eat some. Then I saw the long, long table covered with treats. Mmmm! Congrats on all your awards. (You deserve a special effort award for doing it all with a cold.)

The award-winning sheep look rather smug, don't they?

Our weather has been depressing too - and the rate of colds and sinus infections is very high. You're not alone. Hope you feel better soon.

We watched the first segment of "North and South" last night. (I was surprised at the one scene you mentioned - where DID that come from?) But overall it's really well done. Mr. Thornton is darkly attractive in a Rochester-ish kind of way and Margaret seems well cast. Looking forward to the rest of it. Thanks for the recommendation!

...Nina Nixon... said...

It's true - it was so dry here in April. Now I think we are the blue weather map.

I love your blanket :)

Nina x

Diane said...

Good luck with the potty training!! I remember it so well!!! xxxx

Simone said...

Well done on all the awardss. I bet your chocolate caramel shortbread was delicious and worthy of a prize too. I hope that you feel better. You did amazingly well considering you have a cold. Lovely Poppy in the sun. What is the sun? We have certainly caught up with you in the rain stakes here in the South East. I think it has rained for almost all of June! x

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Well done you, that's a great collection of awards. Really love the poppy photos. Bethx

Lyn said...

You did well!
I love going to local shows and looking at the entries and the animals.


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