Sunday 5 June 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Back to cool weather, fine for cycling.

Dog rose...

...captured underneath a pylon.

Green tunnel.

"No Dumping" says the sign.

Sheep escape route.

Looking back.

Chocolate sheep.

Country lanes.

So green.

Bog cotton, an unexpected delight. Also a ruined cottage in the distance, will be back to take a closer look another time.

More of the bog cotton.

Hawthorn and hills.

The Semple Temple atop it's hill of mown grass.

Another mown field (I like them!)

Telegraphs poles and wires.

Then home. Another fairly short ride but with some big hills. I had a rehearsal and concert also on Saturday afternoon and evening so it was a full day.

Busy week coming up, someone is going to be six, and there will be a party! We hope to have it in the garden which is in need of tidying up (as is the house, just incase, though the weather forecast for the party day is looking good...)

Now to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

11 June - edited to add some photos I missed from the middle of the cycle ride (after looking back and before the chocolate sheep)...


Tree with starlings perched atop.

Hawthorn silhouette.

The avenue.

Just a nice view.


Unknown said...

I love your bike rides, do you stop to take photos or do snap on the go?

June said...

Another lovely bike tour! Stunning photography! Hope the weather holds for that special party!

Lesley said...

Beautiful as always — even with the fly-tipping! What a blot on the landscape. The perpetrator must have no soul.

WV is 'guisp' — a garment made of fabric woven from bog cotton!

Mrs. Micawber said...

We have freshly-mown fields here too. I love the windrows.

Thanks to you I now know what hawthorn is. It's native to Wisconsin and blooming all over the place right now.

Hope the party planning goes well and the weather cooperates.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday when out and about we spotted a pylon stuck right in between 2 houses, can you imagine!? I couldn't imagine living so close to one of those things. Nice pics looks like a nice bike ride.

Snowcatcher said...

What a gorgeous and tranquil ride! I like the green tunnel best. Hope the party goes well. Happy birthday to the little one!

Anonymous said...

These pictures make me feel quite nostalgic for the little rolling green hills of Renfrewshire. So pretty.

Beth said...

Lovely photos, shame about the fly tipping, it happens here all the time. F is also 6 this week (I think I remember from last year that we both have sixers on early June), hope the party goes well :) Bethx

JO said...

I just love that you used the word 'mown.' Too sweet, these landscapes of yours. Keep it up.

Simone said...

Wonderful photos especially the 'chocolate sheep'. I hope you didn't turn into a pumpkin by the way! x

Lyn said...

I do love your bike rides, the photos are great, as usual. We have a lot of bog cotton around here too at the moment, it sometimes looks like snow has fallen there is so much!

Anonymous said...

The photo of the delicate rose below the heavy industrial metal pylon is really striking. The good thing about rain clouds is that it really sharpens the colours and makes everything look so lush, so it's not all bad. Not so good for a birthday party though so I hope it holds off!
K x


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