Wednesday 4 May 2011

Along the shores of Loch Lubnaig.

On the Bank Holiday Monday at the beginning of the week we packed the bikes, tag-along, trailer and picnic into the car and headed off to Callander to cycle along the cycle path from Callander to Strathyre and back. The weather was just too good not to go anywhere (rain is now forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week), and this was an easy route suitable for taking the children along with fantastic scenery and great picnic spots along the way.

We were a little late in leaving the house so it was pretty much time for lunch soon after we arrived at Callander and set off on the bikes. After about 4 miles we arrived at this beach on the shores of Loch Lubnaig which formed a little peninsula out into the loch and looked an excellent spot for a picnic. Above is the view to the north.

The view south.

To the west. Some members of the picnicking team are enjoying the exciting pastime of throwing stones in the water.

Further on we pass fields of highland cattle, some with calves.

There is a short section with a steep zigzag climb (we walked up it), here are the bikes at the top.

Looking back down over the loch.

Through some woodland, not a bluebell in sight!

Shortly after this we arrived in Strathyre where we took refreshments at one of the pubs. Then back towards Callander again.

A last view of the loch, I like how the sun is lighting the trees in the foreground.

Nearly back at Callander where, after loading up the car, we had... suppers. It's the first time I've managed to photograph one, usually I've started scoffing it before I even think of such a thing. As it turn out it wasn't the most enjoyable fish supper, N got a fish bone stuck in his throat and by the time we'd dealtwith it (fortunately a chip dislodged it) the suppers were cold and the thought of more bones made us rather wary.

Still, we had a nice view. Though this is as much of Callender as we saw, next time we'll be more organised and make time to visit the town too as it is quite an attractive little place.


June said...

Lovely post and photos as ususal. You are lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful lochs. That fish supper looks delicious!

Lesley said...

Love that last view of the loch (two up from the fish supper).
So much green, so much water — so much beauty so close to your home. Very lucky you!

Teresa Kasner said...

Wonderful trip your family had. My favorite is the Highland cow with a calf suckling. Sweet. Beautiful Locks! Thanks for sharing your beautiful homeland with us across the pond. Did you see my grandchildren's photos on my blog? Cuties! Teresa

Soili said...

Beautiful pictures again. I need to get some photos about our lakes this area, but they are not within biking distance for us, unfortunately. That fish looks good, bones and all:)

Diane said...

What gorgeous countryside but too hilly for me to cycle - I even huffed n puffed in Norfolk!!! You must have extremely strong legs. Lovely photos. x

rockinloubylou said...

I am relieved to hear you got off and pushed for once at the steep section - makes me feel slightly less inadequate! What a wonderful day out you all had. I'm sure your children will always remember these adventurous sunny days, fish bones and all.


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