Friday 27 May 2011

Egg free, dairy free, nut free chocolate cake.

I use this egg free dairy free nut free cake recipe when allergy ridden children are visiting.

It makes a deliciously moist chocolate cake.

It's very quick and easy too. It's close to becoming my favourite chocolate cake recipe as it's so simple and tasty.

I've actually been doing quite a lot of baking recently, it's just been that kind of weather, and has been so here for much of May.

Earlier in the week N and I visited a fancy playground. It was as cold as it looks, I was glad to have my gloves and scarf with me.

The sun did make a brief appearance though and we manage to dodge most of the showers.

Some garden news...

...our gooseberries are gubbed. It's too late for this year, but for future reference I'd be interested to know if anyone can recomend ways of avoiding and/or getting rid of caterpillars?

A sunny view of the path, though still cold and very windy. This was at the start of the gales we experienced earlier this week. I drove into Glasgow for orchestra practice on Tuesday night and the roads were lined with broken branches and the occasional blown over tree. There were leaves everywhere! Honestly, it was like November, except the leaves were all green instead of autumn colours. On the subject of orchestra, I was unaware of this fairytale story surrounding the pianist who is performing with us...


Annaboo's House said...

Mmmmmmm must... have ...... chocolate ..... now ...
That cake looks delish!
Am also loving the little drawers in your photo. So pretty.

Lyn said...

like the look at those cakes! I always look of your beautiful garden path!

Soili said...

That is a great recipe, I'll have to try that- or better yer, have my kids make it for us:) Too bad about your gooseberries, I haven't seen those in ages and now I miss them! Great post.

Apples and Pears said...

What a fantstic cake recipe...I'll be passing that on to a friends whose little boy is allergic to dairy! Re caterpillars - a friend of mine used to go out every night with a bucket and phyically pick them off and dispose of them. This is very intensive but it worked for him xxx

Jacey said...

Thankyou so much for the link for those yummy cakes, my son is dairy intolerent and my nephew has a severe nut allergy. xx

Mrs. Micawber said...

This looks very like a recipe I make all the time called "Lickety Split Cocoa Cake". I never thought about it before, but it is dairy/egg/nut free. I think the vinegar and oil give it that nice texture.

I like to sprinkle chocolate chips over the batter just before baking.

Our spring has been excessively windy too. A northeast wind which is always chilly. I keep waiting for it to swing around to the south. I'm still waiting.

Simone said...

The chocolate cake looks delicious! The park looks chilly! It is a shame about your gooseberries this year. I had loads of blossom on my plum tree this year but the tree coupled with some sort of disease and the windy weather has left the tree with virtually no plums. Regarding comments on my blog, I was really referring to people from my earlier blogging days who no longer visit. I feel like I've been dumped!!! x


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