Saturday 31 July 2010

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

I really can't be bothered this morning!

N starts his "MAAAMMMEEEEEE" wake up call at about 5:30am. I get up and faff around wasting lots of time and eventually leave at 8am completely undecided as to route. It looks like it's going to rain and I've got a cold.

As usual, I do feel better once I'm actually out and on my bike.

Colourful rowan berries and leaves on the tree at our side gate.

I head up through the trees at the top of the hill on the way out of the village - the road I usually take when I can't decide where I'm going!


So green!

I realise my bike computer's not working and stop to check it much to the interest of this lot.

Another green view, another cow.

The gate and tree mound in July.

Some farm paraphanalia. This is where the Vietnamese pot bellied pig and the peacock live. I see niether today.

It was raining towards the end of my run, hence the lack of photos. I ended up doing about 10 miles so not too bad.

This morning hubby had made scones. These taste even nicer than his muffins though not quite so photogenic - my excuse for eating them instead of photographing them!

I think the weather is to brighten up this afternoon, here's hoping. Enjoy your weekend.


topchelseagirl said...

I can't be bothered this morning either. I'm up and I'm dressed and that's about as good as it gets. Must be something in the air. x

Hazel said...

Me either. We have slobbed in our pjs all morning. Lovely pics. x

Posy Linda said...

Always enjoy those bike rides of yours. Have a wonderul weekend!

Marie said...

I'm sitting reading this and the sun has come out! I love the early morning photos, full of atmosphere. I also wanted to say how fantastic your African Flowers blanket is, it's just stunning. Hope you have a good weekend:-)

Simone said...

Such beautiful green views. The grass around here looks like straw at them moment. I will be going on my exercise bike later. I will close my eyes and imagine the views that you saw! x

Lyn said...

Arh but it's all that rain that makes it so green!
Thanks for taking us along,

Amanda Makes said...

Oh my goodness! You're a dynamo! When I can't be bothered I lay in bed with a coffee and my book! Meanwhile you've cycled 10 miles! I'm impressed. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Erica said...

Such a lovely ride! I'd be more inclined to get out walking or riding if I had more than my stifling humid neighborhood to see... well I say that, but it's always easier to sit on the couch with some yarn. :-)

Just found your blog - thanks for the link! I LOVE your M&M-decorated cake on the sidebar. So inspired! Will be visiting you regularly, I think. :-)


Cathy said...

Wow, everything is so green your way Anne. If you could see all our bleached browns you would laugh We have been very short of rain this summer. That African flower blanket is wonderful. It reminds me of the millefiori glass items they make in Venice. Congrats on winning the book giveaway. Silver Pebble's jewellery is stunning isn't it. Lucky you.


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