Monday, 4 January 2016

Mostly Outdoors...

Tomorrow the tree and Christmas decorations come down. Life will start to get back to "normal". I've really enjoyed the holidays and haven't done any work at all! Schools here don't go back till Thurs (we didn't break till the 22nd) so there are still a few free days to enjoy yet.

Here are some outdoor pics from over the holidays. The first is a much zoomed in sunset pic from the back door. Then there is a set of photos from a short solo bike ride. To mark the end of this, there's a photo of the cat pretending to be an ornament on the piano(!), then a series from a family walk we made round the Formakin Estate. Next there's a picture of the cushion tapestry which has consumed much of my time these holidays, and to finish, some shots of a sunset over the loch during a family bike ride. There has been very little blue sky to be seen - we've made the most of the dry weather but the skies have been mostly grey, even on the "good" days. Fortunately we've not been affected by floods which have blighted unluckier parts of the UK. I think we've all had enough rain now...

I know it's on its side, but I like it that way...


Angela said...

What a beautiful place you live in. The landscape is captivating, so lush and green! I love the photos! May you have a wonderful 2016!!

Penny said...

I just love that you put 'normal' in inverted commas........ X

Christina said...

Happy New Year Anne! I hope there will be many opportunities to ride a bike this year. With a bit of luck, there will be some dry and sunny spells, too!

blueskyscotland said...

Nice mixture. Didn't realize you could walk round the estate grounds though I seem to remember a fitness trail there many years ago with wooden ramps, jumps and other structures to climb over. Must pay it a visit sometime and see how badly "Georgetown" has changed my unofficial off road cycle routes in that area.

Jennifer Hays said...

I love your photos. It looks like a good place for a long walk. Very green too, after all the rain you've had. Is that your own needlepoint? I look forward to seeing that again. :)

Anonymous said...

All pictures are lovely but my favourite is the little boat on the loch.

Amy at love made my home said...

Always lovely to see your outdoors pictures! xx

Country Rabbit said...

happy new year lovely!!!!

so enjoy your photos and writing...
since moving and loosing my camera ive hardly taken a photo, well...actually only phone pics.
almost settled in but would be so lovely to take some time out and explore my local area...your photographs are sooo inspiring!

Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos of a wonderful time of year. I love the grays in the sky.
Hugs and Happy week,

Lyn said...

Gorgeous photos again, I can't pick a favourite as they are all beautiful! Xxx

Unknown said...

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