Monday 3 August 2015


Here are the photos from the middle section of our sunny day trip. Culzean Castle and Country Park is run by the National Trust for Scotland which we finally realised we're still members of - we thought we'd joined for only a year but they were still taking a subscription via direct debit, we decided we may as well make use of it (we probably wouldn't have visited otherwise as it is a tad expensive if you're not a member)...

The swan pond cormorant drying his wings. We drove down to the swan pond area first as this is where the amazing new adventure play park is, the kids loved it, I didn't bother photographing it, sorry!.


Fish in the swan pond.

We then headed to the walled garden. I loved this bit, the kids were less keen. We zoomed through, I still managed to get quite a few flower shots...

 I include this view again as it's a favourite.

Then we proceeded to wander round other sections of the garden, climbing the cannons and admiring the views...

 This is taken from the ladies toilet cubicle in the courtyard tearoom!

Now down to one of the beaches, past the gasworks...

Then we retrace our steps to the car (which I'd moved earlier to the walled garden car park as it's a bit of a trek back to the swan pond).

Lovely views to Arran from this part of the coast.

Next up: Dunure. See you then...


Country Rabbit said...

beautiful photographs, amazing views, what a wonderful landscape... i always admire your landscape and some of them do remind me of the coast here...ive been visiting a few national trust properties and gardens this spring/summer and it does work out quite costly...we're not going away this year so we have a little bit of spending money to treat ourselves luckily im on the boarder of cornwall so get to have best of both worlds of devon and cornwall. i miss my roots on the east coast as i wont get back there this summer...always a treat to visit your blog as i feel ive had a holiday just viewing your wonderful posts ;)x

Kate said...

Lovely photos! Looks like a wonderful place; glad you had fun.

CJ said...

What a gorgeous place, and lovely weather for your visit as well. The flowers are so pretty, especially those wonderful roses. I'm glad you had such a good time there. You'll have to find some more NT properties to visit now! CJ xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Stunning pictures!! I love the cottage with the beautiful wildflower borders outside best of all and of course I like your trademark looking up under an umble shots too! xx

blueskyscotland said...

Lovely set of photos. When the kids get older you can visit for free via the Maidens along the sands which is a nice coastal walk to the swan pond in itself.
That's why companies always try to get the public onto direct debit as even if you die or forget to cancel the money still goes into their account. They usually reimburse you eventually but it's still earning interest for them while its in, multiplied by many millions of other customers. It all adds up to big profits. I got caught that way myself once when I was in Australia for several months and forgot to cancel after a change of supplier.

Rosie said...

Wonderful photos. It all looks so lovely, the cottage and flowers are so pretty and I love the cormorant drying his wings:)

Anonymous said...

I always wish that I didn't ever have to leave Scotland...

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