Tuesday 14 October 2014

St Abbs and Coldingham.

A few more holiday pics. We start at St Abbs. We hadn't actually meant to come here but had missed the turning for the beach a mile or so before. It was full of divers. We enjoyed some delicious icecream (mine was chocolate and rum with caramel pieces) whilst strolling around the harbour.

We then drove back the way we'd come and this time managed to find the turn-off to Coldingham Bay. It was smaller and busier than I'd expected but there was plenty sand to keep the children happy. There were beach huts - the first time I've seen beach huts on a Scottish beach. We climbed the knoll for the views and visited the next bay which was a shingle beach, a few pebbles came home with us.

Next we stopped in Coldingham itself. On passing through to get to the beach it had seemed an attractive little place and I was glad we did visit properly. As well as being a pretty little village with a merkat cross it also has the remains of a medieval priory - perfect for a wander.

An update on the camera situation - it may have been resolved! There are several issues with my old camera, the main problem is that it has lots of dust specks in the lens. Up till recently they'd been at the edges of photos and I just cropped them out. However, a new speck appeared right in the middle and no amount of shaking would dislodge it. To top it all, I lost the charger whilst in Fife a couple of weekends ago and it didn't seem worth buying a new charger as not only was there the dust issue, but the zoom control was starting to get very sticky. The feature which allows you to focus the shot then move the position before taking the photo also didn't work (and hasn't since we visited Robin Hoods Bay way back in 2011). However, whilst researching new cameras I found some advice on removing dust - set the camera to max zoom, put the camera lens at the end of your vacuum cleaner tube and switch the vacuum cleaner on. I happened upon the charger earlier tonight (it was in a pocket of a hold-all I'd obviously not unpacked properly, I was so chuffed to find it!), charged my camera and gave it a go. I think it may have worked but I'll not know for sure till I try taking some zoomed shots in daylight...


blueskyscotland said...

Good tip with the camera as I had similar dust spots. I always take out the 3 year replacement camera option when I buy a new one as the small extra cost is worthwhile if it breaks. I've had two replaced that way in five years when they couldn't be fixed in the workshop.
Two great areas on the east coast I always enjoy visiting.

Irene Donovan said...

Thank you again for your truly beautiful photos!

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that the dust thing worked for you! You are right about the beach huts, I never think of them being in Scotland, there is of course absolutely no reason why they shouldn't be there, and I should know that, but for some reason I only think of them on the south coast. Silly isn't it! xx


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