Saturday 13 September 2014

Saturday Morning Bike Ride.

I managed to get out for a short bike ride this morning - only about 10 miles but better than nothing. I saw some curious cows, runaway sheep and hungry horses as well as the familiar signs of early Autumn. We have been having a run of gorgeous, warm, dry weather. It was a little misty this morning but not at all soggy or cold - the photos are perhaps deceptive.

I am still incredibly busy but think I may manage to stick at the teaching and am even enjoying it at times. I find myself to be rather uptight and worried about things though, but experience should sort that out.

Also, there's a decision to be made for Thursday. On the 18th September Scotland goes to the polls to decide whether to take independence or stay within the UK. Discussion are becoming more animated, issues are being raised now that should have been sorted months ago. The scaremongering is, in my mind, completely unacceptable - this should all have been discussed in a reasoned and timely manner, too much is at stake. I confess to being undecided and seeing value in the arguments of both sides. A vote for YES is a step into the unknown, but a NO vote does not guarantee the status-quo. There is much in the way the UK is governed that I disagree with, but is independence the answer? Making the separation would not be easy, but does that justify staying? There are so many arguments and responses to consider. I'm sure many are fed up hearing about it already and I do not usually share my political opinions on my blog - I just feel I should mention it as it is a major issue here and it would seem strange not to. What shall we wake up to on Friday?


Christina said...

This looks like a lovely bike ride. 10 miles is just the right distance for a Saturday morning.
I posted about the Referendum, too. You are right, it does deserve a mention. I didn't quite appreciate how much people in other parts of the UK feel affected by this, not just us up here. I have posted my ballot paper 10 days ago and I am glad I did, so much scaremongering, so much emotion and so very little objective information out there during those final days to help the undecided decide. Whatever the decision, we'll have to make the best of it. To a happy future, one way or another. Cx

Jacquie said...

Hi Anne, your photos are just beautiful....I love the Autumn sights and misty views.
It's certainly a momentous time for Scotland and the U.K.
Glad you are settling in to teaching and can see that things will get easier with time.
Jacquie x

CJ said...

A beautiful bike ride. I took my littler two out yesterday and it was blissful in the countryside. Good luck with your decision making, I know there's a lot to consider and so much at stake. Whichever way it goes, I hope Scotland will have a happy and prosperous future. CJ xx

Linda said...

It is all at an unsettling fever pitch now, isn't it? I don't normally go into politics on my blog but I took the plunge this week after a long blogging silence because I've been so distressed by the situation.

Glad to hear your teaching is settling down a bit. I'm sure there can't be a new teacher in the world who hasn't had an exhausting/stressful/self-doubting initial few weeks, but just remember that you were assessed as being good enough to teach.

Love your autumn photos - were the longer, thinner ones taken with a mobile or were you just experimenting with styles?

Mereknits said...

Good luck with the big decision, I have been reading about it on several blogs.....a tough decision for sure. Your photos make me just want to take a walk with you and see runaway sheep, gorgeous cows and such a beautiful landscape. We could chat about all sorts of things.

Lulu said...

i so love your neck of the woods..such a beautiful place..

Mac n' Janet said...

Your pictures look so autumnal, it's still hot and summery here and I'm so tired of it.
I've been following the lead up to the vote and find it very interesting.

Cybèle said...

Your photos are getting better all the time - these are just beautiful.
Good luck with the decision for Thursday.

RedSetter said...

What a lovely set of pictures from your cycle ride and delighted to hear you are settling in to your teaching role.

I couldn't agree more with your referendum position as I am exactly the same. I am certain there are more of us on the fence than any of the mad polls suggest. Similarly, I avoid politics like the plague but this is very different and I've been blogging my thoughts to see if it helped me come to a decision. However, the lack of any genuine information has left me essentially undecided but Yes leaning more due to the fact the No campaign are fragmented and cannot seem to make a coherent case. Not great with only a few days to go.

Simone said...

I haven't been on a bike ride with you for ages and thoroughly enjoyed it! As to the vote on 18th Sept, I really hope that we remain united. At a time of so much uncertainty in the World I think we need all the allies we can get.

Anonymous said...

I was in Argyll when the vote took place and, to be honest, I am pleased that the Kingdom remains United.

I had a marvellous time last week, the scenery and the food is fantastic as is the wildlife! I truly did not want to come home.


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