Saturday 18 January 2014

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

My first bike ride, I think, since starting my PGDE back in August. Let's go!

I set off after nine. The weather isn't great -we've been having rather a murky January. 

A favourite view across fields to some trees. Due to the poor light, trees seemed to be the best things to photograph; I think because their dark, bare branches contrast well with the grey skies. Cue some tree photos...

The horse chestnut tree at the top of the hill.

An ash tree (distinguishable by its many bunches of keys) further down the hill.

Two "other" trees at the corner, I'll need to revisit them once they're in leaf to see what they are.

Nearly at the loch now and some canada geese fly past before landing in a nearby field.

 A shot of the bike down by the loch.

More canada geese.

 A grey view of the loch. You can just make out the geese in front of the little island.

A little later and the geese are past the island. It's also started raining.

Now I've moved further along the path. There are a few bullrushes along the banks of the loch, and the four geese are still visible! I decide, despite the rain, to keep going, at least as far as the castle...


I like the birds perched in the branches of the little tree growing out the top of the castle.

 Then I go just a little bit further. I like these tracks and gates, seen today with added sheep.

A gloomy view down to the loch. Now I'm starting to feel wet from the rain so decide it's time to turn back towards home.

 Back past the castle.

And past the folly.

I covered around 12 miles so not a very long ride. The first part of my route took me up a long, steep hill and I had to stop half way up to catch my breath. Prior to my six month cycling break I was able to cycle up the hill without stopping so I have lost some of my fitness. The rest of the ride was fine as I did deliberately pick a fairly flat route, just because I knew I'd probably struggle a little with the hills. Please don't think I'm complaining about hills! I think they add more interest to a cycle ride, especially once you've done the climb and get to free wheel down the other side. Such fun! You get more varied and better views too. Cycling always on the flat would, I think, be a little monotonous. However, the roads here aren't overly hilly unlike in some parts of the UK. It's been a while since I visited the south west, but I remember the roads in parts Cornwall were almost constantly rising and falling - they didn't go terribly high but they were quite steep and as soon as you were over one hill another one began... 


Irene said...

Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing your bike ride.

Kate said...

Great photos! I like the ones with the sheep best. I also like how you caught the raindrops bouncing off the surface of the water. Thanks for sharing :-)

Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos today, thank you so much for sharing your bike ride with us.

Amy at love made my home said...

I like your photos of the trees against the sky, they look so atmospheric! Well done on your cycle ride too!! xx

Jacquie said...

Wonderfully atmospheric photos Anne, I love them. Bunches for keys, I've not heard that's a great way to describe them.
Wishing you some sunshine soon.
Jacquie x

Lyn said...

It hasn't been fantastic weather has it but you made the most of it and I enjoyed your bike ride.....I wasn't out of breath at all! Xxxx

tove said...

Beautiful!! I love how your landscape looks in the murky weather:-)

eclectichomelife said...
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eclectichomelife said...

Lovely photos. Very good of you to go out. I have managed a walk in this weather but Lovely photos. Very good if you to go out. I have managed a walk in this weather it that is it. Pop over and see my photos from my walk. You would be most welcome.

Julie said...

Well done for getting out. I'm really struggling to make the time for exercising at the moment - not good. I think you've managed some lovely photos considering the weather - it is grey and wet here pretty constantly too. Juliex

Simone said...

Lovely to be back with you for the bike rides again!

Grammy Braxton said...

Love that you are back on the bike. You sound a lot like my hubby. He likes doing hills, or rather mountains. We live in East Tennessee USA, a mountainous area and he loves doing the climbs. I recognize some of the trees from other rides. Hugs, Sharon

Mrs. Micawber said...

I thought for a moment that the four geese would end up in front of the castle.... :)

Hills are always a struggle for me at the beginning of the season - even the smallest little rises make me huff and puff. How nice that you could take a ride in January and include a hill in your course!

Please post as many tree photos as you like ... I don't know how everyone else feels, but I can never get enough of looking at trees. The horse chestnut is especially lovely, with the green fields and fences behind.


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