Tuesday 26 March 2013

Bits of This and That.

While I'd a moment and it was dry outside (which is one very good thing about all this cold weather), I took a couple of photos of Violet and Snakey (last seen here) before they got too bobbly from cuddles.


Violet and Snakey.

As I'm doing some crochet photos, how about a blanket update...

 ...I am currently working on the ends. All the squares were completed last year and I finished joining them together in October (using the join-as-you-go method).

Now I'm almost half way through sewing in the ends. I will finish them before I start the border. My goal is to get the blanket finished by the end of May...

Now to some random happenings from March, before it's too late...

N and I visited the loch again. It was cold, windy and wintry but he still wanted an icecream in the cafe, I had a hot chocolate. We then got lots of great books in the local charity shop but I realised when I got home that I must have left my favourite two there, grrr.

Random baking...

 Banana and choc chip loaf.

Bread (using the breadmaker), was most impressed by how a sprinkling of sunflower seeds improves its appearance.

Girdle scones.

 Banana and blueberry muffins. We've not been doing a good job a eating our bananas and they've been ending up in baking, a good way to go though. On fetching the tin to keep the muffins in...

I discovered three chocolate biscuits from some time ago. Reader, I ate them.

The prospect of returning to Uni in August made me splash out on some stationery supplies from the pound shop.

Snowy garden scenes (from the first lot of snow before the weekend)

 Crocuses & daffodils.

 The lantern.

 Looking to next doors' tree.

 Fatsia Japonica snow covered leaves.


Lastly, a couple of shots from the middle of the month...


 Vintage graffiti

The end.


June said...

I like your crocheted snakes and blanket. You have had a lot of snow - we've had none here in Hampshire.
Have a great Easter.

Mereknits said...

Your snakes look so lovely against the gravel. Boy it sure is a cold and chilly Spring, even her in Florida. I know it is all relative but today it is high of 53 degrees, that is COLD for us. Hugs to you,

Louise said...

I do love those snakes!

Lovely images from your month. I'm looking forward to the new stationery supplies trip before I become a student again! I'm trying to resist as I don't start until September!

Do you have to pass the Teachers Skills Tests before you can begin the course or is that just in England?! I did the literacy one yesterday and it was easy!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Those snakes look amazing against the pebbles. Good luck with the sewing in (not my favourite bit!)x

Lyn said...

Love the snakes and the blanket....I hate doing the ends in the crochet blankets...I think that is why mine is unfinished!
Love all the other great photos too.

Anonymous said...

I like your blanket, I'm making one, joining as I go, so far, only six squares, but I am dealing with the ends square by square, not so daunting when finished.


Helsie said...

The blanket looks lovely but all those ends !!!!

Gillian Roe said...

That blanket it massive! Will you tell us how big it is when it's all done and the border is complete? Definitely big enough for a double bed.

Love those snakes. I want to make one for my boy for his birthday. x

Ladybird Diaries said...

Love the snakes! And the blanket looks wonderful.
M xxx

Anonymous said...

Like the snakes, and your blanket looks great, I hate the pesky ends!!

Mrs. Micawber said...

I think you could leave your blanket just the way it is, and call it an "installation". A museum might even pay big bucks for it.

Love the Jane Eyre cookie moment.... (Isn't it amazing that cookies never seem to get mouldy? Must be all the sugar.)

Your snow is so much more decorative than our tired old white stuff. :) Perhaps it's because here the crocuses and daffs have yet to show themselves.

Happy almost April!

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Wow, loving the crochet blanket but I don't envy you sewing all those ends in! Mind you, I bet it feels good once it's done. Your food shots are making me hungry....except the chocolate biscuit, I'm afraid I'd have thrown it away, but that has more to do with my attempting to eat less sugar/fat, so I'm just more picky right now. Under 'normal' circumstances I'd have eaten it too. Bethx (thelinencat)

Unknown said...

Actually I think the afghan looks kinda cool with all the ends coming out!


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