Sunday 9 September 2012

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Off at about 8am...

A zoomed view over the fields to try and show the wispy clouds over the distant hills.

There was a lovely tortoiseshell cat just next to this barn but he scarpered when I stopped. Still, the barn on it's own is rather pretty - I like the red doors.

Hawthorn tree.

Today's route will take me past three reservoirs. This is a little peek of the first one.

Umbellifer seed head.

And another one.

Looking in the opposite direction back towards the misty hills.

A favourite tree. With cows.

Now through a rowan tree frame.

Rowan berries. Out of focus but I liked the colourful effect.

On this road pine trees line one side.

Another view over the reservoir. One reason I picked this route today is that there are lots of rowan trees along it and the berries are at their best just now. Easy to see in "real life", but they're not really showing up well on the photos...

...this zoomed in shot of the rowan tree in the previous photo makes the berries much more noticieable.

Another umbellifer, this one still in flower.

Curious cows come over to see what I'm up to while I'm pausing to take the umbellifer photo.

Reservoir number two.

Beech leaves are starting to turn.

Reservoir number three. Usually there are fishermen here but not today so I take the opportunity to leave my bike and walk round a little.

Bike shot.

Pretty pine cones. I attach them to my handlebars to take them home...

...if you look carefully at the above photo you can see them.

While I've stopped I take some shots of the rusty gate and chain.

I see the gate was once blue.

More rowan berries and the road ahead. Today I meet one car on this road, usually there are none.

Another favourite gate post. I like the different colours of barbed wire and the fact someone has stuffed a pine cone into the gap in the post.

Up here you get a grand view. Today the tops of the hills are a little obscured by the wispy clouds.

These sheep have impressive horns but by the time I get my camera out they're running away from me up the path to the top of the hill.

These cows look like belted galloways.

Lovely pastoral view.

I'm keeping my camera out now and will try some shots "on the hoof" (a la Mrs Micawber) as we are approaching the dilapidated farm...

Here's a little peek. The view is blocked by the silage bags and as usual there are people busy in the farm yard. The photo I take once a little closer is well wonky, I'll try again another time!

This is how it looks round the corner.

Now a completely new-to-me section of road. To get to it you have to cycle past a no cars allowed sign next to a row of cottages where one of the occupants shouts out a cheery good morning as he sits on a bench reading the paper with his cat.

There are lovely views from the road.


Bee (anyone know what type? I've seen a few of these around)

Blue fly.

Washing line. My favourite photo from today. At this point I join back onto roads I've cycled many times before.

One last shot of interesting bits of barns then I manage to cycle the remaining miles home without stopping for further photos (though I do stop to pet a lovely black and white cat I meet when I join the cycle path).

I must admit to not feeling terribly inclined to go out cycling this morning. The weather didn't look great, though as it turned out it didn't rain. Our house is a mess and I was feeling I should really tidy up instead (plus there are lots of other things needing done), but heyho, they can wait. I did also wonder if I'd really see anything new and worth photographing as I've covered so many of the roads round here before. Well, I'm glad to say I managed to take loads of photos and there were plenty of subjects. Changes in the weather and seasons always present something new to see. Plus we are lucky here to have such a wide network of farm roads that I can have so many different options for cycling routes. Just to be out in the fresh air is such a tonic, the different scents I noticed while cycling along were wonderful. I got some excercise too, which is much needed...


Annie Cholewa said...

It looks like a lovely ride. I no longer own a bike but often think I should remedy that reading your's and Sue's posts!

Your bee is actually a hoverfly if I'm not mistaken, brilliant pollinators all.

Jacquie said...

Great pics on your ride Anne. My home is constantly messy and it does stress me out sometimes but getting exercise in the fresh air is a wonderful thing and it's so nice to have this way to share what we see don't you think. It gives me an extra push to make the effort to go :0)
Jacquie x

June said...

Love the bike ride photos. My fav is the corrugated barn with the red door - shame the cat scarpered! I agree with Annie, it is a hover fly - we have quite a lot in the garden at the moment.

Meredith said...

I'm so glad you went because we get to see all the beauty that surrounds you. Gorgeous photos,

* said...

Nice to go on your cycle as ever. Typical of the sheep to scarper at the first sight of a person looking in their general direction.....cows are so much more inquisitive and down right nosey!

I would like to get out and do some more cycling (did I actually make that sound like I do some at the moment?) we live in a beautiful area, bu the roads are busy, full of tourists and big farm put bikes in the car to drive somewhere always seems a bit nuts!

I have a thousand and one jobs to do, bu will probably still go for a walk this afternoon in the woods with boys and dogs....sometimes you benefit far more from the fresh air and exercise than you would from a tidied house!

Gerda said...

Gorgeous photo's, love the vieuws, and the hills, and..everything. groetjes, Gerda

Julie said...

I bet you're pleased you made yourself go out - lovely. Those rowan berries make it all look very autumnal - I'm trying to be in denial just now! Juliex

Gillian Roe said...

That's always the way with exercise i find - I can never be bothered but when I come home I always feel great. I've often wished I had my camera on me when I've been running in the early evening, but it's much too heavy!

My husband has just bought a bike and loves it - now he's on at me to get one too so that we can go cycling together. Having seen your photos I am tempted! But it's very built up where we live - no farm lanes, sadly. xx

rockinloubylou said...

I'm really glad you did go out on your bike. It's lovely to watch the seasons change through your snaps. I am blown away by the rusty metal chain. Very handmade, very vernacular.

sue said...

Lovely ride this morning. Love the reflections on the lake and those barn shots, great colours. Always worth the effort to get out on the bike!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh, I like that hawthorn tree, and the line of trees on the hilltop in the photo just below. Also the stunning beech leaf photo, and the peaceful reservoir just below that. AND the rosehip shot. :)

I can so identify with every word of your last paragraph. So many times I think I won't find anything to photograph but there's always something interesting along the road. And I never regret riding when I'm done. Housework can wait - exercise and fresh air are much more important.

P.S. You should see all the wonky shots I take - for every good shot there are about 4 wildly crooked or out of focus ones. :)

Have a great week, Anne!


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