Monday 4 June 2012

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Prior to the Gala Day events mentioned in my last post I managed to get out for a Saturday morning bike ride, the first for a wee while. The morning was overcast and pretty windy which did make me worry about my tractor for later on, but fortunately the wind died down by the afternoon. The countryside is looking LUSH!

Off at about 8am and I head down to the cyclepath.

Bird on a branch silhouette, blooming cow parsely, broom and buttercups.

A favourite tree on the horizon. Cow parsely runs alongside the fence in a diagonal line towards the foreground.

Bike shot amongst some cow parsely.

You guessed it! A close up of the cow parsley (love it!)

And from below.

No horses muck on the cyclepath now. We're about to leave anyway and join the network of little farm roads.

The folly framed by telegraph wires and poles.

A little hillside dotted with cows.

Mowing time. I like the curves left in this field.

More of that cow parsely stuff in front of a grassy field.

Looking back at the tree from the last but one photo.

Another favourite tree. There are curious young cows in the field to the left.


I like when trees join overhead to form a green tunnel.

I've just come down the road past the white farmhouse and the big rock.

Very green. You can tell by the marshy grass that it's normally quite wet in this field.

I'm on the tree mound road. One of the tree topped mounds is in the distance on the far right.

The same mound now a little closer.

A different tree mound, this is the one that lives behind the red gate.

More lovely lushness.

More cow parsley lined lanes.

I like how the red barn stands out amonst the surrounding greens.

These horses seemed to be enjoying themselves galloping around their little field.

Here I like the red, black and white road edge markers on the left.

Now we're past and looking back at them, they've changed to silver, black and white as they're on the right.


A straight section of road. Then gently downhill for a couple of miles till home.


Anonymous said...

Another lovely ride, I am so happy that you share your days wit us, thank you.

Mereknits said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

June said...

Another wonderful array of photos from your bike ride! I particularly like the one with the horses!

Gerda said...

Some time ago I stumbled upon your blog, and I do love it, and especially your saturday bike rides. Really gorgeous photo's again. I love it to get in this way an impression of the place your living. I have to go on my bike again, as soon as the rain stops.

Gillian Roe said...

All lovely, but especially the shot of the horses. Where you live looks SO beautiful.

* said...

Ah see, we do need the rain to get that fresh green (although I do think we've had enough today to last some time!) your pics show off the lush-ness of it all.

D'you suppose those tree topped mounds are old castle grounds? Like the old motte and Bailey type?

Lyn said...

I always love coming on a bikeride with you! I love the curves in the field and the horses!

sue said...

What a lovely lush bike ride today, gorgeous photos especially the tree mound behind the gate, love that one!

Simone said...

A wonderful bike ride. I almost feel I know the cycle path by now!x

Annie Cholewa said...

Ooh I love this land of ours! Gorgeous, gorgeous images of such beautiful lush countryside.

Anne I've been trying to get in touch to ask if you'd thought any more about the knitter's and crocheter's retreat - I don't want to leave you off the list if you have decided you can come - but you seem to be a no reply blogger. I can confirm that the price is as stated previously and that we will be providing transport from Chester and/or Shrewsbury railway stations on Friday evening to help out those worried about the length of the journey (and back again on Sunday afternoon of course). Perhaps you could email me - there's an email button under the title banner on my blog - and let me know if it's a yes or a no. Cheer's m'dear :D


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