Sunday 15 August 2010

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Another missed Saturday morning bike ride. We were too busy preparing for a family BBQ that evening which therefore entailed much tidying up, lots of yummy food prep, and no photos, oops!

However, despite a misty start to this morning it was to be a gorgeous day weather-wise. Summer has come, at last!

We set off for a little family outing along the cycle path.

Look, clear blue sky! And cows; while I paused to take this photo N in his trailer behind me spots the cows and starts MOOing loudly.

Wow! How sparkly is the water in the loch. Swans glide past in the foreground.

Here we are at the bird sanctuary round the other side of the loch looking back towards the town. On the very left of the above photo can be seen a tiny church spire.

And here it is zoomed in on. I only have a 5x zoom on my camera, the rest of the magnification is achieved by cropping the picture, not a bad result for a compact. I like how the clouds mirror the shape of the hill.

My bike and trailer. While I was taking this photo hubby, A & N were in the bird hide which is just out of shot to the right. It sounded like there was a herd of elephants inside though apparently they were just playing school. A will find out for real what happens at school very soon (just two more sleeps to go!)

Looking up. Lovely sunny blues and greens.

At least we had some good weather before the school holidays ended. I think tomorrow is to be nice too, if it does indeed look good then I think we'll take a trip to the beach for A's last free day.


topchelseagirl said...

Lovely views as always. Hope weather is good for you tomorrow.

Jennyff said...

Glorious day to be out and about, wonderful to see all that blue sky.

Posy Linda said...

Good heavens...those are lovely photos. The first one with the blue sky and green grass is iconic. Enjoy your week!!!!

Lyn said...

What great photos, the greens and the blues are so bright!

Diane said...

Very summery [photos - lovely. xxxx

rockinloubylou said...

The loch looks beautiful in the sunshine. What an energetic family you are! Good luck to A with starting school. No tears now, mummy!


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