Wednesday 7 April 2010

Way Out West.

No rain today, hurray!

This morning we went on a little trip to the coast, just for a change of scene and a chance of some fine views. Of course I take my camera with me...

A & N enjoyed a play in a tiny play-park along the front. This little boat detail is from the play-park gate.

I eventually manage to persuade them to go for a walk with me along the front but we soon realise there are steps directly across from the play-park giving access down to a little shingle beach. We go down for a closer look.

The pebbles on the beach are mainly large and irregularly shaped but of a beautiful mixture of muted colours, shown here enhanced by the wetness of the sea.

Little pools in rocks filled with tiny pebbles.

Blue skies are moving in from the south-west, a little patch can be seen here over Gourock on the left. It was actually quite a sparkly day despite the abundance of grey clouds. My photos looked nice and bright on my camera screen but don't seem to have translated well on to the computer screen.

After a very pleasant guddle about on the little beach collecting shells and throwing stones in the water we make our way back to the car. The sun dapples the hills to the north.

We decamp to another, much bigger play-park further east. This one has a sandy "floor", whenever we've visited it's always been scrupulously clean, thankfully! A paces the deck of the pirate ship.

A self portrait of A in the sand.

Looking back at the play-park as we return to the car. It is in a such a lovely setting, something I never take for granted.

We have to stop off at a supermarket on the way home as I need to get a tin of caramel to make yet another chocolate cake (more visitors are expected tomorrow and it's a quick an easy cake to make and no I don't work for Nestle!). The most convenient one is Morrisons. N is not happy to visit Morrisons, he screams so loudly from the trolley that we get looks from old people. I've noticed before that lots of old people (by which I mean people older than me!) seem to favour Morrisons over the other supermarkets we have here. We get several glares but the cashier is very sympathetic. N then enjoys a much needed nap in the car on the way home.

We pass fields full of lambs on our journey home and the daffodils in the garden are finally in flower. My two "signs of Spring" that I look for have therefore now happened. The afternoon is full of sunshine but the wind is cold. A spell of balmy weather would be nice, just to confirm that Spring is here to stay.

Soon please!


Unknown said...

What a fun day. I know my pockets would be full of pebbles for something fun in my garden. Love all the great colors.

Kate - TGB

Jackie said...

What a lovely walk ~ there's nothing better than a bit of lovely sea air! I love that little boat detail on the park gate and my two would love that nautical themed play park with its pirate ship too :O) x

Anonymous said...

Love the pebble shots, such amazing colours. We were laughing the other day that the boys still judge a day out by the playground, can be at a lovely country house with beautiful walks but if the playground is naff it's a failure! Well, not quite but not far off either ;)


Diane said...

That play area is in a gorgeous setting. I think your photos look stunning - as ever. xxxx

rockinloubylou said...

what a lovely day out. You have such a good eye for a photo. Your blog is just beautiful.

Helsie said...

Looks like you had a lovely time with the kiddies and the weather looks OK too.

Julie said...

I'm getting all nostalgic for the west coast looking at these photos. I lived in Lochgilphead/Ardrishaig for a while and still miss some things - but not all! Great park, I think my kids would have a great time there too.
John's parents (significantly older!) shop at Morrisons specifically because they stock mandarins in a tin - maybe tinned mandarins are a must once you get above a certain age! Juliex

Kelly Fletcher said...

Great pebble photo!


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