Tuesday 29 September 2009

Colourful Achievements.

Last Monday N started walking on his own...
...we celebrated by buying him his first pair of shoes.

Most of the shoes available were a nice but rather boring brown and we rather liked the red pair best. They were also slightly cheaper than some of the others which suits my rather "frugal" nature!

I'd already treated myself to a new pair of red shoes earlier this year.

Other colourful things hereabouts...

Lovely autumn reds on this creeper draping itself over a garden wall.

Acorns collected from a walk to the shop.

Our second sunflower of the year.

These. (Ummm, I've forgotten what they're called...)

Our own viola, I've planted several of these in the top of the pots containing the tulip bulbs.

Tada! My first granny square, at last! Thanks to this tutorial on attic24 I finally figured out what to do. It's by no means perfect, I've since made two more and they get a little better each time. They're intended for a cushion cover...

And finally, a not terribly good photo of some of the sparrows warming their tummies on the shed roof, cute!


Unknown said...

Who doesn't love a new pair of red shoes. Toooooooo cute. Great job on starting a Lucy grannie. There is a new FLickr group in her honor check it out to keep you going and post you WIP...


Diane said...

I love the shoes - Ive got my eye on a pair of red ones too. xxxxx

rockinloubylou said...

cool shoes! and great granny square. Love the cute sparrows too.

Lyn said...

oooh those shoes! Anyway the sparrows are so cute and I love the granny square-well done, you will not be able to stop now!

Gillian said...

Red shoes are the best! Love the acorns you collected too. G

Pomona said...

Red shoes are wonderful, and I think it is important to put little ones in red shoes for as long as possible - the boring black ones come along far too soon!

I am very impressed by the crochet - I will watch your progress with eager anticipation!

Pomona x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Such lovely autumnal pictures and I lurrrrve those red shoes!

Nina x


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