Monday 1 June 2009

Crochet & Bunting

Hmmm, I've rather a delay between posts (all 3 of them!)

I've been happening upon a few fabulous blogs and have been spending (not wasting!?) my spare time seeking inspiration rather than actually getting anything done myself!

I've been visiting Lucy in her attic here rather a lot recently. The colours she uses in her crochet work are beautiful, makes me want to take up crochet and re-decorate my house to go with it while I'm at it too.

We will be hosting a young lady's 4th birthday party on Friday, I'm going to have a shot at making some Sarah Smith dish cloth bunting courtesy of Lavenderhouse. Our local Asda only had 2 designs, both in yellow colour schemes (pink would no doubt have been preferable) but they'll be nice & summery when (if) I get them done. Photos of the results to follow...

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