Monday 13 July 2015

Over the Sea.

After visiting the Peak District were were home for one day (time to mow the "lawns" (grand term for large areas of moss, daisies, clover, buttercups and some grass), "trim" (understatement) various other plants to reveal the garden path so the postie could get to the door, unpack, do some washing, re-pack, etc!) then it was off to our next holiday destination...

There is a small clue as to our destination on one of the lifeboats.

We're on Arran! Here we're looking across to the Holy Isle from Lamlash, it takes less than ten minutes to get here from the ferry. We like to stop here for a picnic lunch then meander round the bottom half of the island rather than race straight across.

The weather wasn't great on our arrival but it did improve. The colours and light in my Arran photos are so different to the ones I took in the Peak District. Softer and greyer.


Two minutes on the beach and I'm already adding to my shell collection.

After our picnic the rain did set in. We continue with our journey round the bottom of Arran but don't take the detour to my favourite spot, Kildonan, like we did last year (interesting to see that several of the shots I took last year are of very similar view points, but look so different because of the light). We did plan to go to Kildonan later in our trip but we didn't make it. Another time...

 A pause nearing the end of our journey and looking towards our destination - Blackwaterfoot.

My parents have rented the same cottage as last year and we're visiting them for a few nights. I love this view over the gardens to the beach.

After unloading the car we're straight out on to the beach. Very invigorating - no cobwebs left after that walk!


Looking at this photo I can imagine I still smell the sea air. Mmmmm!


Christina said...

Scotland at its best! I do love the soft colours and the shells you have collected. Hope the rest of the summer holiday is just as lovely as the first few weeks. x

driftwood said...

oh it looks gorgeous, I haven't been to Arran since I was a teenager, must remedy that x

blueskyscotland said...

It's a great island. Even after 40 years still finding new corners to explore.

Rilaker said...

Thank you for giving me the wonderful feeling of 'home'. Even though we've loved it and lived in Canada since 1972, I suddenly realized I could smell the air when looking at your photographs! Your sense of colour is wonderful, and I look forward to perhaps crocheting something rather than knitting socks and hats! Crochet is still stuck in my mind in the days of mustard, avocado and brown! Time to show a bit of initiative here, although I do use colour to great advantage when piecing my own quilt designs. All machine work for me. It's all about colour and texture. Same thing when I was a weaver. In September we'll be in The Black Isle finding a family window in a Rosemarkie church, exploring the Isle of Skye the first time, and doing some walking in the Great Glen. We'd love any recommendations please.

Anonymous said...

I've not made it to Arran yet but we did go to Bute in May, that was rather nice too.


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