Saturday 26 September 2009

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

This morning a friend came along for the ride. We set off just after 7:30, the morning was dry though a little cloudy.

Along the cyclye path we find the stone circle. I've never seen this before as it's on a section of cycle path that I'd not been on, till today!

It's not actually very ancient - it was built along with the cycle path within the last couple of decades. The stone against which my bike is leaning has stylised ancient carvings on it.

Off then up the hills past autumn berries.

A at the top, chatting with the cows.

These fellows were across the road and came over to see what we were up to.

Shortly afterwards we pass this big beastie. Very impressive.

An upland view.

As we approch the reservoir my friend and I part company, she needs to head home whereas I carry on.

Beautiful autumn colours all around.

These are some particularly cute sheep!

The colours of the braken in the backgound match the details on this old trailer.

As I was taking the above photo of the leaf shadows on the wall I was aware of much clucking and sqwaking behind me...

... I looked over the fence to find these rather strange looking birds.

A view of Lochwinnoch, a pleasant little town to visit. We'll go there another day though, I turn back up the hill and head home.

Couldn't resist just this one last cow photo on the way!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful ride you had today. The cows are awesome, especially the one peeking over the hedge.

I'm thinking those are wild turkeys.

Lovely close-ups of fall berries.

Enjoyed each peddle with you

Yiota said...

I just love your bike ride posts. Love them!!! Keep riding ...and posting...

Pomona said...

I should think that you were quite glad to have a fence between you and the big beasts! I love the virtual cycle ride - I just wish you could arrange for it to use up some calories for me as well!

Pomona x

Jennyff said...

Good for you getting up so early and on your bike. Thanks for taking us all with you, very scenic.

Cathy said...

I love accompanying you on your cycle rides Anne. You live in such a beautiful place. Those cute birds are helmeted guinea fowl. We have quite a lot near us. They are reared similar to chickens for the table but sometimes I think they are kept as pets. In Africa you can get Vulturine guinea fowl which are more blue and stripey. I bet you wanted to know that didn't you...haha.

Diane said...

I too love your bike rides - the last cow is so sweet, but the bulky chap is my favorite!!

blueskyscotland said...

Love the hairstyle and ears on the last cow shot..!
I`ve got cows across the road from me and also in the field behind my house.I can watch them for hours on end...I even give them names :)

Bob and I were looing forward to taking loads of autumn colour shots this coming Sunday but,as is the way of things,there are high winds forecast for Saturday.Let`s hope there are still leaves on the trees then...


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