Monday 2 July 2012

Some Thrifty Finds and A Visit.

June was a good month for picking up a few charity shop bargains.

Early in the month I pounced on this lovely little piggy bank, mine for 75p. It dates from the sixties perhaps, anyway, it's at least a couple of decades old and was in perfect condition. Sadly, after two days in our house it was knocked off the table resulting in a chipped ear. I've super-glued it back together, it's not quite the same, but he'll still be treasured.

A duff photo but I liked the effect...

...four colourful glasses from a set of six for £2. We still have all six - the other two were just awaiting washing.

A Moffat Pottery lamp base for £1.50 (actually from a bric-a-brac stall). Shown with a slightly too big shade borrowed from another lamp.

I have a "thing" for hand thrown jugs. This little one was quite pricey, I think it was £3.50, but I really like it. A friend had spotted it in a shop along with a few other pottery beakers and goblets she though I might be interested in and had texted me to let me know. It turns out the beakers and goblets were ones I'd recently donated during a clear-out and had already forgotten about! As an indication of the varying prices between charity shops I'd bought the pair of beakers for £1, they were now on sale at £3 each.

Another lovely jug, this one just £1.50.

From the same shop, a bundle of embroidery threads, 10p each.

I bought 20 and now wish I'd bought more. They'll be useful for when I make more owls (or whatever I decide to make this year for the Christmas Fairs...)

On taking the photos I notice the labels and realise the threads were produced in our nearest big town.

A nice ball of wool, 50p. I have more balls in a similar colour and ply somewhere which I'd bought to crochet a shawl but can I find them?

This lot was from a trip round the previously mentioned big town with N while the car was in the garage getting the brakes sorted.

My favourite find was this genuine Harris Tweed tartan purse for 40p. Love it!

Tenuous link time...

At the weekend we visited a nearby NTS property where you can see a 200 year old weaving loom still in action and still producing traditional tartans. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos while in the weaving room. I found it very interesting and had loads of questions for the poor weaver but there were some "real" tourists needing her attention (all the way from the USA) and  I can easily visit again.

A rag rug depicting the weaver's cottage.

Sheepy pencil holder at the drawing table.

Ribbon weaving for the children.

Outside there is a lovely garden to explore.

 Mob caps optional!

Mr Fox & Mr Squirrel were purchased in the souvenir shop and I got myself a hanging heart made from tartan produced at the cottage (no photo, sorry!)

Built in 1723.

We had a dry afternoon for our visit, hurrah!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post with lots of lovely things! Your visit sounds very interesting too, I do like ancient buildings.

rockinloubylou said...

What a great haul from the charity shops. Love the Harris Tweed purse. Looks like A and N had a great time at the Weavers' Cottage too. So nice to see a photo of children happily drawing together instead of squabbling over the TV remote (as in my house!).

June said...

Super finds - in particular love the lamp base. Looks like a lovely NT property to visit. Great post, as always!

Gillian Roe said...

Good finds from your local charity shops. I am most jealous of all those embroidery threads for only 10p cheap!

pembrokeshire lass said...

My you found a lot of lovely things. Interesting how quickly we wipe out of our minds the things we decide to get rid of. As an aside..and of little value really! I was born in Paisley! Now doesn't that make your day better....Joan

Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh, I love those pottery jugs. They're a weakness of mine too, although I don't usually find such nice ones.

Love that photo of the geranium in the window. That cottage makes me think of "Silas Marner".

Great finds all!

Anonymous said...

Anne - I have a similar piggy bank that I purchased at the Lake District in 1965, it's no more than 3" long and I used to put sixpences in it!


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