Sunday 22 July 2012

Blickling and Felbrigg

Back again with more holiday photos - just an excuse this time to fill my blog with photos of fabulous flowers. The gardens we saw while on holiday have prompted me try to to create more colour in our own garden which currently consists of many shades of green (lots of foliage) but not much in the way of flowers, particularly at this time of year. Indeed, yesterday I bought a couple of plants to do just that, but more on those in another post. Back to the halls. Being NTS members we also get to visit NT properties without further charge, which is good, especially when the weather isn't and you're a bit frugal. I see a theme devoloping with our NT/NTS visits - we tend to zoom round the grand houses and then linger in the gardens and grounds, even when the weather isn't great.

First up: Blickling Hall, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. The approach to the hall is most impressive and the exteriors of the house and out buildings are very attractive. I only took one photo inside that I liked and that was a of a painting by Lizzie Riches which is part of a puzzle competition being run at the hall (which we didn't take part in, it seeming more suited to cryptic crossword enthusiasts visiting without young children!). We enjoyed the gardens though, despite the rain.

A Romance by Lizzie Riches

Now to Felbrigg Hall. This isn't quite as grand as Blickling, I liked the interior better and the guides seemed more friendly. The approach isn't quite as impressive as you reach the house from a path at the side. However, there is lavender planted alongside the access path and it was pretty (I once bought 72 lavender plants (small ones!) to create a lavender bordered path in our garden. I planted them all, though not all along the path as there were too many. Only one survived.).

The gardens are slightly away from the house and are jam-packed with wonderful flowers. I took a lot of photos...

I have one more Norfolk post planned you may (or may not?) be glad to hear.

Off now to roast a chicken for tea. I believe the weather has improved somewhat in the south of the UK, but here it is still perfect weather for roast dinners, which is the only good thing that can be said for it.


June said...

Fab photos. Enjoy your Sunday roast!

Lyn said...

I love these usual!
We visited both halls many years ago but I can't remember much about them.
I don't have much luck with Lavender in my garden as the soil is too heavy, shame as I love the smell of it!

Louise said...

what super photos! I'm just the same - zoom round the inside of NT properties and but spend ages outside! I love those caterpillar things the children have - from the gift shop I presume?!

Louise said...

what super photos! I'm just the same - zoom round the inside of NT properties and but spend ages outside! I love those caterpillar things the children have - from the gift shop I presume?!

rockinloubylou said...

Scrolling through your photos is really quite breathtaking. I am impressed by your determination to have a lavender bordered path. I have also had zero success with lavender and would not like to think how much I have spent on lavender plants over the last 10 years or so. I am obviously a slow learner, or maybe just an eternal optimist.

Mrs. Micawber said...

I love your determination to fill your blog with flower photos - as far as I'm concerned you can never have too many!

Blickling Hall is beautiful - it looks almost 18th century to me rather than Tudor.

Are those poppy seed heads? They're amazing - so stylized and carved-looking.

Keep the flowers coming, and good luck with your own. :)

Claire said...

It's all about the flowers isn't it? Stunning Poppies, Daisies and Lavender oh, I love purple. I can't believe only one of your Lavender plants survived, that must've been heartbreaking, planting them all and the expense too! SO many delightful photos Anne.
What a wonderful places to visit. Blickling hall is very imposing and impressive. I love the painting by Lizzie Riches too it's just beautiful.......
Imagine having to polish all that copperware, what a nightmare!
Another lovely blog post and I'm definitely not glad that there's only one more holiday post. I have loved them all . Now I must go and check on our lamb roast. After a day in the garden it's a lovely roast dinner tonight.....

CLaire :}

Anonymous said...

A post of great beauty. One can never have too many flowers.

The houses are quite magnificent.

* said...

Love your photos....I wish we had more NT places around us, I must admit I love it all, but the house bit is not much fun with three boys, who don't get 'don't touch'! I love formal gardens, I love all the box hedges and flower Borders. I do love poppies, but this blowy rainy weather can't do them much good.

Your holiday pictures have all been lovely it's nice to see a different part of th country, you don't always get to see the things which are a car drive away.

Hope the sun reaches you soon, today has been quite cloudy here, so not everyone is getting sunshine, hope it comes back for all of us.


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