Thursday 19 July 2012

Beside The Sea.

As promised, my photos of the beach at Overstrand...

When we arrived (after eleven hours in the car) we headed straight down to the beach.

Such a beautiful evening.

The wooden breakwaters were very comfortable to lean against whilst eating our picnic tea (intended for lunch but the weather earlier was too awful for any picnic attempts).

I liked the way pebbles have been trapped between the boards.

The children couldn't wait to get paddling.

It looked like we were going to have a lovely sunset.

Gorgeous light.


So pleasant to arrive in sunshine. Perhaps we were going to be lucky with the weather after all.

The next morning we were straight down to the beach again. Flip flops and sun hats on.

The tide was in too far for paddling at first, so we waited happily and...

...with just a little impatience...

...then it started to rain! Not for long though. Each day held a mixture of weather, and each day we had at least one visit to the beach. How nice it was to stay in a cottage with the sand and sea just a five minute walk away.

The rest of the photos are from various random visits to the beach through the week we were in Norfolk.

Self portrait made with big toe from right foot.

When the tide was out the sand exposed was firm and excellent for running around on.

A & N in a sand dodgem. We didn't build this, whoever had built it was long away by the time we visited the beach that evening and the tides washed it away that night.

Overstrand beach huts.

One of the cooler days.

Quite exciting to walk along the promenade...

...and to try to avoid getting soaked!

I enjoyed trying to get a photo of the surf foaming on the breakwater. Easy enough with a digital camera but I'd probably have used up a whole roll of film to get one successful shot on an old style camera.

Now to the groynes. As I said, not something I was familiar with on a beach, certainly not to have them every hundred yards or so as they are here though I believe they are quite a common feature on beaches in the south and east of the UK where erosion is a problem. They were quite fun to photograph...


 ...though given the choice, I prefer beaches without them.

Someone else's sandcastle.

 Someone else's footprints.

I love the light you get down at the sea on a summer's evening.

Marvellous! You can just make out Cromer pier here in the centre on the horizon.

Another sunny morning, though clouds are starting to move in from the west.

It's windy. We attempt to shelter next to one of the groynes to enjoy the sunshine...

...before it disappears.

Finally, I find a heart shaped pebble.

I didn't find a single shell on any of the beaches we were on, not one (aside from the mussel shells stuck to the groynes, which doesn't count). We did go somewhere later with a humongous amount of shells so I got my fill then, you can be sure I took lots of photos too. But that can wait for another post...


June said...

Stunning photos of the beach!

Claire said...

Love the colours, textures and vistas......but no shells there. I would feel cheated!!
Glad you found some elsewhere.....

Claire :}

Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh my word, these are breathtaking. The lovely sweepy clouds in the first photos, the side-lit waves, the self-portrait :), the splashy promenade, the groynes (what a very mediaeval-sounding word), the stunning sunbeams through clouds. Wow. Thanks so much for posting these, Anne. They make me long for the sea.

Diane said...

I'm loving your holiday photographs. I'm off to Norfolk in September so I'll take a look at Overstrand. xxxx

pembrokeshire lass said...

Tremendous photos.....looked like you were the only ones there! The children seem to have had a wonderful time and it sounds as if you had a rest.....shame it's such a long drive though! I thoought that the self portrait looked rather like Mrs Macawber! Joan

Gillian Roe said...

Really gorgeous holiday photos, especially those ones of the sunset on the beach. What is it about being on the beach as the sun sets? Always magical.

Loved the sand dodgem - my dad always used to make my sisters and I a sand speedboat, complete with a bat for a wheel and a spade for a throttle.

Mereknits said...

Gorgeous photos of the beach, thank you for taking us along.

Jacquie said...

Hi Anne, I've loved your holiday posts and this one is wonderful. Clicked on the pictures to view in light box.....just stunning especially the last sunset one. Thanks for sharing .
Jacquie x

* said...

Beautiful photos, I love the clouds...well when you can see blue sky around them!

We have a lot of beaches here, but no groynes, I wonder if the amount of groynes and the way they break the surf is the reason for lack of shells?

Have a great weekend!

Planet Penny said...

Oh wow, fabulous photos! you can't beat the Norfolk Coast!

rockinloubylou said...

Eleven hours!!!! But so worth it.


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