Tuesday 30 August 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

A late posting of Saturday's bike ride.

The tree at the corner from down on the road.

The usual view of it from the cycle path bridge.

Roman soldiers, cycle path artwork.

Another view from the cycle path, but at this point I decide to leave it and join the road you can see in the above photo.

Looking through the trees to a ploughed field.

A lovely view over gently rolling countryside.

The swallows are still here, each week now I look for them as one day soon they'll be gone till next summer.

Big stone, little farmhouse.

One last look south over fields.

16 miles according to the computer.

I have to confess to it being one of those mornings when I really couldn't be bothered, but as usual I'm glad I made the effort. My next bike ride will be in September, how summer seems to have flown. However, I look forward to catching some early frosty mornings followed by beautiful clear days, these make my favourite weather for Autumn cycling.

Thanks to all who left such nice comments about my shawl. I've a little catching up to do on my blog commenting so hope to be round to see you all soon.


salty pebble said...

beautiful landscape pictures ;0)
really love your blog, kazzy ;0)

Unknown said...

So thrilled to have popped by for a morning ride today. Your countryside is gr888 and it's amazing it always looks like someplace new to me. Thanks for the exercise.

Lyn said...

another beautiful bike ride, I love the photo of the fields (2nd one) as it quarters the page, two green, two golden!

Diane said...

I thought the 2nd photo was really lovely too. I am even more in awe of your rides now that I have my bike too. I still cannot do hills! xxx

Stocki said...

Hello! I just found your blog via Crochet With Raymond... it's a great find for me! Your crochet projects have left me drooling... you have a such a way with colour! I'll be back :)x

Simone said...

A wonderful bike ride as usual. I also love the second photo. Lovely composition. x

Mrs. Micawber said...

Love that first shot. Although blue skies are wonderful, sometimes the shimmering grey clouds make a better backdrop.

I also like the between-the-trees shot. It has a real magic portal feel; as if you could step between the trees directly into Looking-glass world, or a parallel universe, or just some other-ish place.

It's a bit sad to see the birds gathering and know they'll soon be gone.


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