Saturday 13 August 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Today I decide to set off in search of golden fields.

A drizzly morning, so not the best weather for photographs, but not too bad either - the rain was very light and not continuous. I'm off out by about 8:30.

The tree at the corner, and already some golden colours. I like the contrast with the fields of emerald green and the pink bursts of rosebay willowherb lining the road in the foreground.

This photo is taken from a bridge over the road , I then follow the road you can see in the photo.

Another view of the top left field of the previous photo, this time from a different angle having turned right at the tree and sharp left again soon after.

Shortly after this, I pause to check my map and decide finally which route to take. While I'm quiet and still, a hare darts out from the hedge just a couple of feet in front of me, then takes fright as he notices me and bounds away back across the field. I just wish I'd had my camera ready.

Then, after a couple of miles along busier roads (which certainly make me cycle faster), I'm back onto the single track country roads. This road has fields of barley along both sides so I picked a good one. The countryside round here is flatter than closer to home so there are more arable farms than dairy farms.

Straw bales.

Not a terribly clear photo, but I'm pretty sure it's a swallow swooping by (as opposed to a house martin, the tail looks longer and more forked). There were about twenty birds darting around catching flies at this little patch, they were very entertaining to watch.

Ooh, hay bales, rosebay willowherb and funky fence post!

Not all the fields have barley growing in them, there are some grassy fields with cows around.

As well as the swallows there were flocks of jackdaws noisily flying above, making dramatic peppery patterns in the sky.

I really like this view of a stubbly field with straw bales.

A few more miles down the road and I come across this "interesting" telegraph pole silhouetted against the sky.

More lovely colours.

At this point my mobile phone rings. I need to go home to look after the kids as hubby has to go into work. Oh well, the rain had got heavier so it wasn't the best of mornings and there's always next weekend.

More strikingly pink rosebay willowherb beneath the telegraph wires, a little bird dots each wire.

One last view before zooming home. I'll be back this way again soon, I liked it.


Lyn said...

Another great ride and you found some fields of gold!

**Anne** said...

Gorgeous bike ride!!
Anne xx

Mrs. Micawber said...

Now Sting is singing in my head. :)

That first shot is just amazing - the patchwork effect and the straight lines, the green and gold and pink with the tree. Wow.

You may have missed the hare (story of my photographic life too) but you caught birds in flight! I'm green with envy. I see flocks swooping around the cows in the fields but am usually pedalling away like mad and can never catch them with the camera.

Love the big round bales too.

Diane said...

Another lovely ride - did I mention I'm getting a bike?!!!! The photo you asked about is of Torcross on Slapton Sands in Devon. The water behind is Slapton Lea a freshwater lake that is seperated from the sea by the road and a shingle beach. It was used in WW2 to practice the DDay landings.

Claire said...

Despite the drizzly day the photos are just beautiful.

Claire :}


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