Friday 5 August 2011

Back Again

I've been away to Galloway for a few days with the children visiting my parents.

We didn't get up to much, probably as I wasn't too keen to venture too far afield as I was still attempting to potty train N. I've given up again today, we lasted nearly 11 days this time but didn't really seem to be getting anywhere. I just don't think he's ready, the signals to tell him he needs to go just don't seem to be happening yet. Anyway this wasn't supposed to be a potty training post!

Granny's little garden is looking lovely as ever, Grandpa's gnome is still there and the violas and roses are in bloom as usual at this time of year.

We did make it along the cycle path a few times.

A jackdaw sits on the old railway signal.

Crossing the bridge.

Big fat rabbit beyond the gate.

Thistledown. The "fairies" were flying around everywhere.

The evenings were quiet too, so I took the opportunity to sew in the ends on the turtle blanket, and it's finished! So I'll have a TaDa very soon, once I've taken some photos. I also got quite a few more hexies made for the quilt. One (quiet!) day I'll need to lay these out and see how they're looking.

Off now to catch up again on some blog reading. Enjoy your weekend...

1 comment:

Mrs. Micawber said...

The rabbit-beyond-the-gate photo reminds me of the illustrations in the Fairacre books by Miss Read (can't think of the illustrator's name - John something, but lovely line drawings).

Love the jackdaw shot.


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