Tuesday 22 March 2011

To The Cloch And Back.

On Sunday afternoon we felt like a visit to the beach. We are within 20 miles of access to the beautiful west coast.

Our destination was a little beach with sand, pebbles and shells,

rock pools,

fantastic views,

and even swans.

From the beach we took a walk along the coast road,

admiring the views of the Cowal peninsula through the trees...

...to the light house.

I then had to carry N all the way back, he fell asleep in my arms.

This is the view from the play park we stopped off at on the way home. Not bad at all.

Nearly home and A, N & I waited in the carpark with long lashed cars while hubby visited the chippie to get tea. I always have a fish supper & hubby a haggis supper. The children share ours, unfortunately for me they seem to prefer fish over haggis.

So not quite bikini weather yet, but we all enjoyed our trip to the seaside.


June said...

What lovely photos. It sounds as if you had a lovely day. There's nothing better than a fish and chip supper after a day near the sea - the smell of warm vinegar wrapped in newspaper - heavenly!

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Anne, I loved your post.. I could almost smell the salty ocean air. We have reserved an RV (caravan) spot right on the ocean-front in Oregon at the end of April over my birthday. I can't wait to share photos of our beach with you then.

PS - I mentioned your name on my blog today. :-)

rockinloubylou said...

What a lovely day out. With that cycle followed by a child-carrying walk from the Cloch you certainly earned your fish supper!

Julie said...

Beautiful. What a fantastic day - hope your arms have recovered. I lived and worked in Ardrishaig/Lochgilphead for a while and do miss the west coast for it's wild beauty - it really can't be beaten. Juliex

Simone said...

Stunning views. Cars with eyelashes, fish and chips, and sleepy contented children. It all sounds good to me! x

silverpebble said...

Oh the colours in that top photo - that beach has the most beautiful pebbles!

I love the design of that lighthouse.

Funkymonkey said...

Seaside and fish and chips - perfect.


Teresa Kasner said...

Anne.. you might want to check my blog today. :-)


Julia said...

It looks like a beautiful place, I envy you for being so close to the sea ~ imagine being able to be somewhere so stunning in less than half an hour!! Thank you for your photos, a bit of seaside tonic was spot on this morning!

Love Julia x

Apples and Pears said...

Hi and thanks for your comment! This is the pattern I used...I think it is American so remember to make the necessary adjustments..


re ends!!! I estimated over 800 of the little bleeps on the jewel blanket!!! I'm afraid there is really no way around it for blankets...you gotta sew them in. I sew in one direction and then back again sort of weaving it into the depths of the work so that it wont unravel. I have had disasters where I finish something and it starts to come undone - not good. I know some people are very disciplined and sew in ends as they finish each square but Im not one of them! However, it is probably best to start sewing in after a few. xx

Unknown said...

That lighthouse is so very beautiful. Rather dreamlike.


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