Wednesday 30 March 2011

Sunday Morning Bike Ride...

I'm a little late posting this, let's see what I remember...

Hmmm, the weather didn't look too promising at first - what we would call a smirr (very, very fine rain).
Daffodils are out though, brightening up a little view across grassy fields.

Off up the hill past one of the many pylons (and a section of pretty railings).

About halfway up, a nice row of little beech trees lines the road on the left.

Looking back down the hill, a lovely view (despite the pylons).

This is how I would paint sheep - round white woolly body with black legs, face and ears.

Cows, being nosey as usual.

The rain has gone and the views up here are fantastic and clear - my photos fail to capture the clarity and beauty of the distant hills. Skylarks are singing.

More hills in the distance behind more sheep.

The avenue.

Probably my best photo of The View (clicking on any photo enlarges it for a better look)

The little black dots on the hillside are cows. In one of the fields behind me some men are flying model aeroplanes.

Aside from the aeroplane enthusiasts I do not meet another car or see another person for about 8 miles or so along these little roads. People have left signs of being here though...

Much of the roadside is blighted by fly tipping. Why these people drive miles out into the countryside instead of taking their rubbish to the local council tip is beyond me.

Beyond the bath and at the brow of the next hill I come across two hares bounding along the road and across the field, I'm too slow with my camera to capture them though.

Then I head towards home, I enjoy the long downhill and don't even think about stopping for photos.

Back on the flat and I take one last picture. Normally I avoid taking photos of houses, there are plenty about - we stay in a well populated area (for Scotland anyway). I like this shot though.

Now onto a short random photo diary collection...

Our toddler group held a fundraising event. I baked the weighty cake - 2 lb 9 oz, my scales don't do metric.

Also tiffin, chocolate caramel shortbread and tablet for the homebaking stall.

This morning, I had a quick look at the garden in the rain. We've lots of lupins.

And I just planted this white mossy saxifrage at the weekend.

I like how jackdaws perch on the roofs of the neighbouring houses, there's always one right at the very point of this one. Our flowering currant in the foreground is almost a flowering flowering currant.

Just had a busy couple of weeks. Things should settle down a little now, although school holidays start this weekend, where is the time going - it's just zooming by!


Apples and Pears said...

I love that tree avenue! It reminds me of Brittainy. Fly tippers! Grrrrrr! It makes me does walking out in the hills and finding the plastic/paper remains of someone's packed lunch. Grrrrr! lovely cake, by the way xx

Marg said...

Beautiful photos as always. I can't believe how some people can be so senseless o just dump rubbish on the side of the road like that.
The cake looks lovely, and yumm, chocolate caramel shortbread and tablet. I haven't had tablet for ages, my dad is Scottish and he used to make it when we were kids, must ask him to make some again!

Heather - The Good Life said...

I enjoyed your post and reading about your morning bike ride. Beautiful countryside.

June said...

Lovely posting. The countryside is an amazing place, isn't it. I have the same kitchen scales. I bought them about a year ago as it reminded me of growing up in the 1970's as my mum had the same!
I agree with you this year is flying by.

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Anne, Goodness, I can't imagine people dumping rubbish along your lovely lanes. We have some of that but not much.. and we call the little stuff "litter" and people are dedicated to certain lengths of the road to pick it up. Oregon is pretty clean that way. You can get fined a lot if you're caught.

What is "tablet"? Here it's a medicine pill. Have you received your padded envelope yet? :-)

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

rockinloubylou said...

I can testify to that caramel shortbread and tablet being the absolute bomb. Can't believe I missed out on tiffin. These toddlers mums can fairly strip a home baking stall!

Anonymous said...

Love your photo of the avenue of trees in particular. Isn't the fly tipping such an eyesore. We don't have much of it here - less populated maybe. It would be worth picking up the metal wiggly tin and popping it on your shed roof and giving it the 'bothy' look, if you have one?!

Anonymous said...

Flowering currant is one of my favourite April smells. Isn't it exciting that it's nearly 'flowering flowering currant'!

Litter is such an eyesore in Britain. The sides of the A9 are thick with rubbish chucked from car windows. Ignorant eejits. No wonder landowners have mixed feelings about 'right to roam' legislation!

Lyn said...

Beautiful post as always, I love your bike rides-I never get out of breath!
that cake does look delicious!


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