Sunday 28 June 2009

Bye Bye Chair

Just broke my favourite garden chair today!

Here it is in happier times. There were two of us on it at the time, but I suspect it was mostly my fault (4 yr olds don't weigh much!)

The garden is chock-a-block with weeds. They always start to take over about this time of year. We've quite a large garden and have still to get it sorted, each year we do manage to get a little more done.

At the moment it's a right mess.

There also seem to be few things actually flowering at the moment - a bit of a lull after the peonies and lilacs before the buddleias and hydrangeas have their turn.

I do have a couple of rose bushes in the front garden which are doing their best in amongst the long grass.

And not forgetting the pinks...

I popped some in a vase to make the kitchen smell nice! The kitchen's a mess too so you're not getting to see any more of it!

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