Saturday 27 June 2009

New Camera

Eek, I've just ordered one of these...

... after spending an evening or two perusing just some of the many very useful camera review sites online I decided to buy a fujifilm finepix f100fd. It's supposed to take good low light pictures so should be ideal for photographs of mirrors for my website which need to be taken with no flash and usually indoors as it's often raining outside, though not this summer (touch wood!) it's been lovely and dry so far, so much so that my old 1/2 barrel planter is falling apart - the wood is shrinking and the rings are falling off...

the lovely old barrel planter while still intact just a few days ago

I got out on my bike again this morning, trying to make it a regular Saturday event. It's just for 10 miles or so and I go out first thing after getting the wee fellow up and I'm back before big sister needs to leave for her swimming lesson.

Today I did my usual route but in reverse so the killer hill was at the end and involved much braking rather than lots of puffing!

I didn't bother taking my old camera with me. Now that the decision is made and the money is spent, I'm looking forward to having a new camera. In addition to the fuzzy patch, the old one also took very dark landscape pictures. Here are a couple from a recent cycle trip just to see, hopefully future photos will be much improved!

Wee lambs

Ben Lomond in the distance (was facing the wrong way today to see this view!)

My bike!

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