Saturday 11 April 2015

St Monans

We're just back from a short holiday to the East Neuk of Fife, a great place to go with a new camera! There are several lovely old fishing villages to visit. These photos are of St Monans which we walked to one day. Fortunately it has a Spar as we were very hungry by the time we got there and there were no cafes which I thought most unusual for such a pretty village well frquented by visitors walking the Fife coatsal path. There was one in the process of being fitted out I noticed, so someone has already spotted a good business opportunity. Anyway, we had a very tasty picnic overlooking the harbour before walking back to Pittenweem where we were staying. I have so many photos of Pittenweem it's going to talk me a while to sort through them! The weather was fantastic while we were away, so very welcome after the long, cold winter months.

Now I'm back home I'm in clear-out mode. My collection of books and pottery is being much reduced. I've decided to keep only those I really like as I was in danger of becoming a bit of a hoarder. I still do like having lots of bits and pieces - I think it makes a house a home, but really I had too much and we could do with a bit more space (for all the other stuff!)


Sue Hayton said...

Lovely pictures of lovely village - nothing like the East Neuk in the spring. I was a student in St Andrews a million years ago - fond memories!!!!

Mac n' Janet said...

Your first picture is so pretty it looks like a painting.

blueskyscotland said...

Very colourful post. The Fife villages really come alive in the sunshine. A great early Easter for a change for children off school.

Anonymous said...

I must make an effort to visit the eastern side of Scotland, we always seem to end up in Argyllshire. Mind you, it is very beautiful there as well.

RedSetter said...

I absolutely love the East Neuk fishing villages. For years we used to go up and get our fish and chips from the renowned place in Anstruther then go and eat them in the car park at the end of Cellardykes beside the caravan park as it was never mobbed with Maw, Paw and the weans on their day trips. However, in recent years I have to admit the fish suppers are even better from the wee place in Pittenweem.

Havent been up that way in ages and look forward to more of your pictures.


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