Friday 17 April 2015

Souvenirs and Other Stuff.

While on holiday I finished the shawl made with the chunky Noro yarn I was given by my SIL. Not only was it not quite the colours I had anticipated but I'd also requested sock yarn when she'd asked what I'd like. Still, it was very nice of her to go to the trouble of getting the yarn and posting it to me. I sewed in the ends sitting on a bench in the garden once back home. It's a very simple triangular shawl, the pattern is "Morning Has Broken" and it's available (free) on Ravelry.

Also while on holiday I bought more yarn. Not only does Pittenweem have pretty cottages, a harbour, a beach, an ice-cream shop, a chippy, a chocolate cafe and great weather, but it also hasa very nice wool shop! I bought three balls of lovely soft Amitola 80% wool, 20% silk for yet another shawl though without a specific pattern in mind.

Beautiful texture and gorgeous colours. I decided it deserved a new pattern rather than one of the ones I've done before. I spent a pleasant hour or so seeing what other people had used the yarn for on Ravelry and decided I would attempt to make one of these. The pattern is 16 pages long, gulp! I started it at a craft night - not a good idea, plenty of chat and cake is not conducive to figuring out a new pattern, however I had another bash this morning and it's coming on much better now...

My only other holiday souvenir was this little pot on the left which was from Crail Pottery. I've been having a massive clear out of pots and vases so it's only ones I really like which I have kept. Having said that, the one in the background with the little flowers is another new purchase, but hey, I really liked it (Asda, £4)

 Nice to be home, especially when the sun is shining.

Some baking for craft night...

Chocolate brownies (absolutely loaded with sugar)

Iced biscuits.

I liked the rabbits.

Our shattered rear windscreen.

The cat is always desperate to get in the car - not sure what she thought of this. Anyway, it's now fixed, thankfully.

The garden is bursting into bloom. We've had some beautiful sunny weather recently and we've all been needing it - people, pets and plants!

Well, it's been lovely to catch up with the blog. School starts back next week so spare time will be much restricted again but it won't be long till the summer holidays (eek!).

Happy weekend...


Anonymous said...

Your new yarn is in colours that I adore and I like the pattern of the shawl that you have chosen.

The pottery is gorgeous too (really Asda? I wish I knew where to find one.)

Your sitting/living room looks so calm and relaxing.

Whilst I am sorry about your rear screen, it does look rather spectacular in the picture, don't you think?

As for gardens, mine is so fragrant with Wallflowers at present and beautiful with the blossom on the Amelanchier bushes - I saw a tiny Wren land on one of its twigs last week, deep joy!

Rosie said...

The colours in both of your shawls are lovely and I love your collection of pots - the new blue one is wonderful. The close up photo of the broken rear window is amazing:)

Louise said...

I just love the morning has broken shawl - those colours are gorgeous! The brownies don't look bad either ;)

Mereknits said...

I think your new shawl is beautiful, such a gorgeous color. I like the weight of it, you did a great job finding the right pattern for that yarn and I think you will love the bulky weight of the shawl on cool evenings. Your new yarn purchases are beautiful, vacation yarn does not count towards adding to your stash just so you know, it is a present for yourself.

So sorry about your rear window, but it made for a beautiful photo. Your trip has been amazing, I have followed every word and photo.

Lilly's Mom said...

Greetings from California. I just discovered your blog and I'm in heaven; beautiful yarn and a adorable cat! I love the new shawl you're making. Thanks for the link. I'm signing up to follow along. My best to you :) Pat

Jacquie said...

Gorgeous yarn and gorgeous photos Anne. Your new scarf is going to be stunning.
I love your jug collection's my weakness :0)
Jacquie x

Mrs. Micawber said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, that yarn! It's absolutely gorgeous, and so is the pattern you chose.

I love little pottery pots but never allow myself to buy them as I know it would quickly get out of control. That little flowery one is especially lovely.

What a smashing photo (whoops, bad pun) of the rear window.

I hope you've been able to do some riding even with your busy school schedule. :)

Gillian Roe said...

Your shawl is beautiful but I have to say I really love the yarn you bought and think that will make something stunning. I used Noro yarn to make a shawl for the first time a while ago and loved it. I liked the way the colours changed gently throughout, it made for a fun and interesting project. I'd really recommend the South Bay Shawlette pattern on Ravelry too if you like shawls. xx

Angela said...

Beautiful crochet!! Such gorgeous colors. Your living room has great windows that lets all that light in. Very beautiful flowers. Pink peonies are one of my favorite flowers!

Annie Cholewa said...

This is one of those posts that - as so often happens - has me wishing I could crochet!

And I have pot envy ... Crail Pottery you say ... ;)

Linda said...

Mmm, the Crail pottery is lovely. It's temptingly near us.
I don't knit, so I can't say anything remotely intelligent about the wool apart from its a nice colour!


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