Wednesday 15 April 2015

Fife - the Other Bits.

Here are the last of my photos from Fife.

A coppery section of beach between Pittenweem and St Monan's.

 A beastly rock on the same section of coast.

I took some crochet with me. I've been making a shawl with the Noro yarn my SIL sent me. I asked her to get me "earthy colours" assuming she'd divine from that that I meant earthy tones of purple, blue and green - how presumptious I am! I'm not sure whether I like it or not, it's for wearing inside when it's winter and things get a little chilly at the computer and it is indeed lovely and cosy. I'll sew in the ends and have a proper look at it...

A view across fields taken during our cycle ride from Crail to Cambo Sands. The countryside in this part of Fife isn't terribly interesting, neither are there great roads for cycling . That's not why people come here though and the pretty fishing villages and coastline more than make up for it.

Shells from Cambo Sands.

Cambo Sands. A lovely beach. It was popular with families but not overly crowded, as you can see. Some people went in for a dip, in the North Sea, in April! Brrrr!

Many of the rocks were very regular rectangular shapes. I found out why - they're "all that is left of Kingsbarns harbour built in the 19th century for transporting potatoes and coal."

The next day we had a whirlwind visit to St Andrews...

The remains of the cathedral.

The cathedral was at one time the most important in Scotland.

The remains are looked after by Historic Scotland. It didn't seem necessary to pay for a wander round the grounds as the gates are open and the ticket office is tucked away in the middle of the site. However, if you want to climb St Rule's Tower for the views you do need to pay for entry. Fortunately we're members so we got to ascend the 152 spiral steps for "free".

It was worth putting up with the wails of protest from A (who has now decided she hates spiral staircases) for the views.

 Here you can see the castle, where we will be visiting next.

 Towards the town centre.

We are parked in a space with a two hour limit, so after a quick zoom round we say good bye to the cathedral and walk the short distance to the castle.

There's not a lot left of it, but it was still interesting to visit (if you're already a Historic Scotland member or have some kind of pass so don't have to pay the full whack). We went down the mine and counter mine (except hubby who bailed out early claiming claustrophobia - it was a bit tight in places!), and tried to imagine what it would be like being imprisoned in the famous bottle dungeon.

We didn't linger long in St Andrews - we didn't even visit a single shop or cafe. The limited parking was one reason, but it was also a fantastic day weather-wise so we went back to Pittenweem and spent a magical afternoon on the small sandy beach there instead.

Beautiful sky.

As Fife is not that far away, we could spend more time there even after we'd had to leave the cottage as we didn't have a long journey home. We decided to have a picnic lunch at Tentsmuir beach. We weren't that taken with the main beach. It was big and sandy, but a little boring - no rock pools to explore, and windy. It was also quite busy and some of the folk visiting had noisy music with them (a pet hate of mine - I don't like having to hear other people's taste in music), however, there are nice trails through the woods all round and we got on the bikes and headed out one of the tracks. We eventually (not because it was far, but because N being difficult about cycling) found a path leading to another section of beach.

Often there are seal colonies there and we did spot lots of seals out on one of the sand bars (I wasn't able to get a decent photos).

We also found the biggest shells ever! This was the first one I picked up. It's a little cracked and was soon rejected in favour of others which have all come home with us. We'd visit Tentsmuir again but would give the main beach a miss and instead head straight out to the more distant stretches of sand.

So a lovely four days in Fife and a part of the world that we all agreed we'd be happy to revisit.

That was last week. This week is not quite panning out as planned. We were to visit my parents who stay in Galloway but they have both caught some kind of virus so we are staying away. I then arranged to meet some friends in Glasgow today. Around midday we were all set to leave, I shut one of the back doors of the car and the rear windscreen simultaneously shattered. Grrrrrrrrr...


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the rear windscreen, cars always do their worst when you need them most don't they? A couple of weeks ago ours threw the cam belt and that has necessitated getting a whole new car!

I really like your picture of the cloud in the blue sky.

I don't think I would have gone up that tower, or down the mine, I'd stay near the sea I think.

Amy at love made my home said...

You really have visited some beautiful places. The beaches are so lovely. I like the shells that you found too. Hope that you managed to resolve the windscreen and that your relatives will be OK too. xx

blueskyscotland said...

Glad you enjoyed your time in Fife. Good scenic cycling can be had in the hill country around Newburgh, Brunton, Gauldry and Kemback but you don't have the colourful coastal villages there although Brunton in summer is stunning but tiny with no place to park. It's a bike gem to cycle through though on quiet minor roads.

driftwood said...

oh no what a nightmare about the car x

Linda said...

Oh the lovely East Coast! Every time we go to St Andrews I feel happy. I can tell you some good parking spots for another visit!
So sorry about your windscreen. Cars just eat money.

Louise said...

What a lovely looking place! A pain about the car window though!

I think Winster would be a nice play to stay, and there are lots of places around it you can visit / walk. There are so many great spots you could stay in the Peak, though some places are very busy during tourist seasons! I don't think Winster would be too bad! I'm sure I've blogged about Winster, or a walk starting from there - you could search my blog for it! I am happy to provide any tourist info or if you want more info on particular areas of villages, feel free to ask. I can also do a leaflet at the TI if you'd like and post them to you! Stanton Moor would be a good place you could walk that's nor far from Winster and you wouldn't be far from Matlock Bath, Cromford and the Arkwright Mills, Bonsall... !

Laura S. said...

I really like the colors of the Noro shawl that you're working on. It's quite lovely.

Gillian Roe said...

So lovely to catch up with your blog and what you've been up to. It looks like you had excellent weather for your break. I also loath spiral staircases, A is not alone! I hope work is going well for you. xx


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