Monday 14 July 2014

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Off at about 8am. Rain wasn't forecast till 10am, looks like it came early. Still, it makes for pretty droplets on my close-ups. I thought I was in for a soaking but it stopped raining after the first 20 minutes so I stayed dry and enjoyed the ride. It was actually nice to have a little rain after all the recent sunny weather. Not that I want it to stay too long of course- please come back soon sunshine! Another benefit of everything being wet is that it all smells so good: lush and refreshing...

Cobwebs are so beautiful like this.

The cow parsley is going to seed, still pretty with its droplets too.

The leaves of a purple vetch.

 The road ahead. The verges have recently been cut but there are still plenty of wild flowers about.

Rain is falling on the hill to the left. It's where I'm headed but by the time I get there the shower has passed on.

Glacial erratic. Brambles prettifying the foreground, nice farmhouse atop the hill behind.

 Red clover.

There was a large spread of red clover at the bottom of this dyke at the crossroads. Pretty view to a farm behind. 

Mmmm, I used to like Discos, didn't know you could still get them, and I never knew they were available in prawn cocktail flavour - my favourite. What is your favourite crisp flavour?

 Sheep refusing to pose for a photo.

 Meadowsweet in the foreground now.

 Then I spotted these gorgeous dog rose blooms in the hedge, the raindrops make them extra special.

 Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

 Tree mound and farm.


 Now rosebay willowherb brightens the road verges.

 Looking back.

 On a little furthere and these sheep are not so scared of me.

 Sheep fleece and leaf.

 More purple vetch and lots of grasses.

 And again, I like the blobs of trees on the horizon.

 I pause for a while to watch the swallows skim over the fields.

 I find another rose, not a wild variety though it was growing wild.

 Cow parsley seed head.

 Yet more further on, I like the delicate, feathery silhouettes they cast against the sky.

 Yet more purple vetch, it is very common at this time of year.


A last detail of some rosebay willowherb. This section of road was lined with it on both sides - I like it and think it's pretty though I know there are many who disagree.

It was great to get out for another cycle at last - I've been turning into a bit of a podge this last year which does not please me. I like food too much, and the wrong kind too - I've such a sweet tooth. I've also been spending a lot of time sitting at the computer or in lectures and have had little time for cycling. So, here's to cutting down on the gluttony and increasing the exercise. Nothing too drastic, but small improvements, step by step...


Louise said...

I love the countryside after the rain for that 'green' smell and all the droplet photo potential! I never knew about prawn cocktail discos either! I don't think I could choose just one favourite flavour! Lovely collection of photos as always.

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad that you didn't get too wet! Love the picture of the spiders web, it is beautiful!! xx

SmallP said...

What lovely photos. I always get a bit daunted when the weather is wet and grey so I never take my camera but your photos have certainly proved that you can get stunning shots whatever the weather. The one with the sheep refusing to pose really made me chuckle.

driftwood said...

your raindrop shots are beautiful x

Country Rabbit said...

you capture the beauty in nature and the landscape around you sooo beautifully ~ i love your bike rides i feel im there with you soaking in the views...your home makeover on previous posting looks lovely x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, damp ride. I didn't get to Soctland this year and this post has made up for that, somewhat.

Mereknits said...

Your photos are always beautiful but these with the gray skies and water droplets are especially amazing.

Lyn said...

Lovely photos as usual, I do like going for a bike ride with you...even in the rain! Xxx

Mrs. Micawber said...

Or mile by mile....

What a glorious post. The droplets make everything look bejewelled and magical. Love the sheep refusing to pose, the glacial erratic, the wet dyke, and the tiny fly hiding in the wild rose.

My favourite crisp flavour is plain potato. :) And I ate far too many of them over the winter - luckily I sweated off several pounds in Colorado and am determined now to stay on the straight and narrow.

Hope you can get out for many more rides!

SAS said...

I definitely see photos to be entered in the photography contest next year.

The glittering curtain of raindrops is gorgeous.

HWIT BLOGG said...

Oh so beautiful! This is what I love...a lovely countryside...
Warm hug,


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