Sunday 6 July 2014

Beaches, Boats, Birds and a Castle. Plus a Teeny Bit of Crochet...

The final load of photos from our visit to Arran...

Criss-cross barnacled rock detail.

 Playing on the beach in the evening.

Worm cast.

 A new morning, looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day.

Looking back at our cottage, it's the right-most one of the semi-detached pair on the left.

Green and blue.

 Beach treasure - a fairly intact sea urchin. It's now back home with us, along with numerous pebbles, shells and feathers.

Sea thrift.

Beach bag. We've moved along to the sandier part of the bay...

 A & N go body-boarding while I watch and paddle again. It's the afternoon and the tide is in - I wish I'd joined them this day as the water was lovely and warm.

More evening beach activity.

A seal by me. There was a seal in the water near where the children were body-boarding - we kept seeing his head popping up and looking round.

The sun setting.

A hedgehog by N.

I loved this view of the neighbour's gate leading to the beach. It's yet another new morning, the weather isn't quite so good this day.

We head up to Lochranza to visit the castle.

Boats and castle wall.

A forbidden passageway.

Lochranza bay.


 On the way back to the cottage we stop at Dougrie bay, we have the beach to ourselves. The little building on the right is an old changing hut.

 A & N in the distance (you can just make out A's pink jacket), they're making more sand drawings.

 Looking inland.

 Dougrie sign.

Now back to "our" beach. The sea's a little rougher today. You can see two gull chicks on the shore near the sea, we often watched out for these chicks once we realised they were there. They're quite well camouflaged. 

 It's starting to rain.

A last beach view for the day, this time with added Scooby Doo mystery machine. Rain prevents any evening play on the beach this day.

Now to our last day...

 Yup, at the beach again!

 Purple pebbles.

 We find a real live crab.

 We make a paddling pool.

I photograph the neighbour's washing line.

A little progress has been made on yet another Eva's shawl. I wanted something to make that I didn't have to think too hard about and I do like these shawls. This is my fourth one. I love the colours of this one and am very tempted to keep it for myself but it's intended for a friend. Pattern here, yarn here.

 Thyme, it smelled delicious.

The bay at Blackwaterfoot village where the river to the sea was frequently occupied by a family of swans. Then it was time to leave...

 The view of the ferry port from where we ate our (expensive!) fish suppers.

 Here comes the ferry...

 ...we're on!

Bye bye Arran, see you again soon...


RedSetter said...

Glad you weren't 'blue' on your holiday 'deacon'!

These are beautiful pictures again from what looks like it was a very restorative holiday.

Lucie said...

Quels beaux souvenirs de vacances! Merci de les partager avec nous!

Mac n' Janet said...

I think Arran has probably moved a long way up our list, your photos are wonderful.

Mereknits said...

Such a gorgeous place to visit with lots of great places to explore. I love your shawl, I have had that one printed off for a long time, I must give it a try. Glad you had a great trip.

Jennifer Hays said...

It's so beautiful there. It looks like a very peaceful place to visit. The thyme is gorgeous, I wish mine flowered that lushly.

Jacquie said...

I loved your photos Anne, a ship called dig-ni-ty made me smile
Jacquie x

Diane said...

What a fantastic location - love all these photo's xx

Christina said...

Beautiful photos! I am thinking that maybe a cottage on Arran might be just the right place to go with my mum and the kids. I am glad you had a lovely holiday. I have never used Drops Delight but have stroked it on a number of occasions, wondering. x

Amy at love made my home said...

I love your drawings in the sand!!! Looks as though you enjoyed the beach at every opportunity. The colour of your shawl is almost exactly the same colour as the thyme flowers and looks gorgeous!! xx

Anonymous said...

I echo Amy's sentiment!

blueskyscotland said...

Looks like you enjoyed your trip.
Very elaborate castle and sand pictures but I'd expect nothing less from an artistic family.

Lyn said...

Oh wow what a lovely holiday post, fantastic photos as always. I have never been to Arran it looks like it might have to go on my list! Xxxx

Ladybird Diaries said...

I really enjoyed your Arran holiday posts! Gorgeous photos and it looks like you all had a great break. I just love Arran, we are going again for our summer holiday this year. The minute I get off the ferry I feel incredibly relaxed and that feeling tends to last the whole holiday. It's such a wonderful place.
Marianne x


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