Tuesday 23 April 2013

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

A sunny morning, though cold. Off at about 7am...

Some blossom spotted whilst passing a tree in the garden on the way to the shed. This tree (some kind of copper leafed ornamental thingmy) is usually early to flower, I guess it still is in that there is no sign of blossom on any other flowering tree yet...

Past the stone circle...

...a fairly recent creation, not at all ancient.

Heading up the hill towards the electricity sub station, hence the abundance of pylons.

Sheep fleece.


I do still like bare branches against blue sky very much...

...but some leaves would be nice!


Looking back. Larks are singing.

Cows on the horizon.

The smudge in the middle is a lark. I was suddenly aware of louder than normal lark song so I quickly looked up and spotted the lark doing his vertical climb. "Male skylarks can be spotted rising almost vertically from farmland, grassland, salt marshes and moorland and effortlessly hovering and singing from a great height before parachuting back down to earth. Long complicated, beautiful song-flights can last for up to an hour and the birds can reach 300m before descending." (read more here) It was something I'd never seen before, I felt very lucky to be able to watch it.

I took this photo of the view where I'd stopped. By the time I looked back at the lark he was so high I could no longer see him, though I could still hear his beautiful song.



A look up at the canopy of...

 ...the avenue.

 A nice reflection of the tree in the puddle.

They came over to say hello. Another new experience for today, usually they run off when I stop for a photo.

I like the line of trees om the horizon and the puddle and wall in the foreground.

 The road ahead.

 Solitary tree, wispy clouds.

I think the grass is looking a little greener than last time I was here?

More lovely cirrus clouds. I also like the landrover tracks up the hill.


The top of a hill. It's effectively downhill from here till the cycle path. Towards the bottom of the hill there is a blackthorn patch; I had wondered if I might find some blossom there, but there was none. Instead I enjoyed the free-wheeling and didn't stop for any more photos. I was glad of my gloves! It's still cold here. Spring?


Cybèle said...

Cold here too, specially early mornings and evenings.
I like how I'm beginning to recognise photos from previous rides!

Julie said...

Beautiful photos especially with all that blue sky. I love listening to and watching skylarks - so glad you saw one. juliex

Mereknits said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I would have felt like I was in Heaven having been visited by those sheep.

Peeriemoot said...

Lovely :-). You must have been pretty chilly though!

Angela said...

Scotland has beautiful countryside. Lovely photos!! We had a snow storm yesterday so our countryside will be cold for a few more days but it shall warm it up this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Claire said...

Hey Anne, more wonderful photos, but it still looks very chilly.
Intereting info about Larks, must be lovely to ride along with birdsong for company.
Love the puddle reflections and the windswept looking tree with the wispy clouds.
Nice to get out in the countryside and enjoy your surroundings.

Claire :}

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Fantastic pictures! x

Rosemary said...

Love the avenue of trees - I do not like pylons, but you have made me think again.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Like to the lark at break of day arising ... your post brings that line to mind. I don't know if we have larks here, so it is lovely to see them in your photos.

I like the giant pylons striding across the valley, and the lovely view just below the lark photo, and the solitary tree/wispy clouds - they look as though they're all being blown by the same breeze. And those sheep are adorable - I've never seen any with stripes down their noses like that.

We have no leaves or blossom either ... hard to believe that in a week it will be May. :/

Gillian Roe said...

That first photo of the blossom is wonderful. It was gloriously sunny here on Saturday too, and quite warm, but it's much cooler now. I feel like spring is having commitment issues this year! x

Coco Jayne said...

Beautiful photos - and I love how the sheep all came over to pose for you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blue skies, I like the pictures of the trees against it. The trees in our garden are just getting buds on them seems so late this year.

forgetmenotsblue said...

Wonderful photos the tree ones are very good. I especially like the sheep ones lovely :)

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful! So glad to have found your blog! Seems that you are a winner too. xo

Annie Cholewa said...

Love these posts, as I've said before ... I always end up wishing I had a bike!

Anne you've won the Jane Foster cat in my giveaway, if you could email me your address I'll pop it in the post to you :)

Diane said...

Blue Sky - hurray!!! but when will it ever warm up! xx

Anonymous said...

"Wonderful photos the tree ones are very good. I especially like the sheep ones lovely :)"

Definitely, the first photo signifies that it is indeed gonna be a great day!

Linda said...

Your series really brings out how bare the trees still are for the time of year.
Love the photo of the lone tree and wispy clouds - frameable!


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