Sunday 7 April 2013

Blue Sky Walks.

Uh oh, cloudy weather is now forecast for the coming week, I've been getting used to lovely blue skies every day even though it's still not been especially warm.

Here to remind me how beautiful it was for the first week of the Easter break are photos from two walks, one on Friday when the children and I took a picnic and stayed out all day, and a shorter one on Sunday when hubby was able to join us.

The first is to the loch which we visit often, but this time we managed to find lots of areas we'd not explored before...

 Little jetty, love the sparkles on the water.

Post & wire.

A view of the folly from the little beach where we ate our picnic lunch. 

The children their picnic quite slowly...

 ...I passed the time by photographing more posts and wires.

 The patch of red dogwood bottom right is quite striking.

 Off they go, under the arching branches.

 Now we're climbing away from the loch into the woods.

Sky so blue.

A climbs a tree, cool wellies!

 Burnt stump detail.

 A view across the loch as it narrows.

 Looking in the other direction.

They're still happy to wander on, we're about to explore the old church ahead.

Stonework detail.

The church dates from 1504.

 It's possible to go inside and admire the stone carvings.

 A more recent carving (I like the orb effect from a grubby camera lens)

 Back outside.

We're quite far from the car now for little legs, it took a very long time to walk back!

Red berries against blue sky.

A distant line of colourful rowing boats.

A tatty old umbellifer seed head.

Shadow detail.

Made it! We were way too late for an ice cream at the cafe and seem to have collected more sticks than normal, including a rather large one which was used as a lightsabre for a lot of the time - we've been enjoying discovering/re-discovering the Star Wars films recently!

Now to our second walk which was at the nearby country park.

Still a few patches of snow here and there. I like the row of trees on the horizon and the rusty fence posts in the foreground.

 Ahead lie some old farm buildings, but our path is to the left.

 Into the woods past the owl carving.

 Back out into the open to climb the hill.

 Sheep block the path; they soon turned tail as N approaches them though.


 Here they are in the middle distance, strung out in a big long line.

 A view from atop the hill. The tumbledown farm buildings in amongst the trees are the same ones from the second photo.

The cairn at the top is in the process of being rebuilt.

The abandoned farm again with a steep section of hill in the foreground, must go and explore it one day.

Lastly, a saltire spotted whist making our way back down through the woods.

We've had an excellent first week of the break. I wonder what the second week holds...


rockinloubylou said...

what an energetic family you are. We've barely been further than the garden these holidays. I am inspired to go adventuring now.

**Anne** said...

Beautiful photos of your walk. You live in a gorgeous part of the world.
Anne xx

Jacquie said...

Beautiful pictures Anne, I love your commentary too, really made it come alive.
Enjoy the second week.
Jacquie x

Connie said...

I love these photos and thank you for letting me stroll along with you on your walks. I am so delighted that you packed your camera.
Have a wonderful week.
Your blogging sister, Connie:)
P.S. I'm still hoping that you will decide to follow me back one day :)

Gerda said...

Beautiful photo's of a beautiful landscape. And nice to have children who still accompany you. Groetjes, Gerda

Anne (Counterpoint Corner) said...

Stunning photos Anne. And I am hugely jealous that your walks include a meander past a field of sheep.

driftwood said...

oh what gorgeous walks. I love the way that children always collect sticks, my son is 12 and he still always finds a light sabre or two along the way.

Julie said...

Lovely photos. Amazing how bits of rusty old barbed wire can look so beautiful! I particularly liked the photos of the church, the umbellifer and the saltire. x

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Love the burnt log detail and the barbed wire against the sky and water.

Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted by simply reading of your adventures! Beautiful images.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Just beautiful! x

itsjustperi said...

Two lovely walks , don't you just enjoy discovering new things on your doorstep. I have 3 Star Wars mad males in this house !!

Gillian Roe said...

What beautiful photos. That sky! So blue, and I love the way it highlights the bits of snow left on the ground. x

Gillian Roe said...

What beautiful photos. That sky! So blue, and I love the way it highlights the bits of snow left on the ground. x

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I heard it said that orbs in photos are messages from the fairies - I quite like that explanation! Emma x

Annie Cholewa said...

Beautiful images and yes, gorgeous blue skies. We've had them here too but they're dwindling. Come back sun!

Louise said...

Great to see the blue sky! I always enjoy your walks, the views are always great!

Oh Abigail said...

I really enjoyed the photos and especially seeing a bit of blue sky!

Rosemary said...

Not sure how I found you but love your photos.

Lulu said...

such beautiful surroundings..

Mrs. Micawber said...

How nice to see your blue skies ... ours have been grey all week, dropping ice and sleet and rain upon our sun-starved heads (and keeping me from riding, dang it!).

Gorgeous walks both ... I like all the wire and post photos. (Why is wire so fascinating?) Your red dogwood looks as lush as ours does this year. What wonderful stonework on the old church, and the rowing boats are beautiful. Also really like the big long line of sheep and the saltire.

Enjoy the rest of the break. :)

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Lovely photos, the sun shining off the loch in that first one makes it look positively summery! As I am so far behind in my reading, I hope you have the blue skies back again by now :) Beth/thelinencat x


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