Monday 11 June 2012

A Trip And A Birthday.

Busy old June - I've some catching up to do! First of all, here are pictures of things I liked from a recent visit to New Lanark. It's the first time we'd been and there is plenty to provide interest for a full day's visit. There's even a wool shop where I was tempted but managed to abstain. New Lanark is a purpose built cotton mill village dating from 1785. It is located in a gorge created by the fast flowing river Clyde which was used to power the mills. The owner of the mills from 1800-1824 was an enlightened man called Robert Owen who took care of his workforce by providing education, healthcare, childcare and a cooperative shopping system. The cotton mills didn't close till 1968 and were in danger of becoming derelict until restoration began in 1974. New Lanark is now included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Much more information about New Lanark is available here.

The children were particularly taken with the old red telephone box at the entrance to the village. I guess that's a sign of how little we normally see these style of boxes now.


Brass steam engine dial.

Pirate Ship (not!)

I love all the old stoneware jars.

We headed up to the roof garden for a picnic lunch. There are lots of lovely sculptures dotted around the garden.

(I wish the snails in my garden were as inert as these ones).

Now we're going to visit the old schoolroom. There are outfits the children can wear and slates they can use.

N liked the huge globe.

I liked the old nature drawings.

A enjoyed practising her writing on the slates.

A view from the schoolroom window. As you can see by the washing lines many of the old tenements are now occupied.

Various views of round about...

Before heading back home...

More recently we celebrated A's 7th birthday.

She requested a chocolate cake. I decorated it with smarties again but tried a change from the usual flowers. I think I prefer the flowers!

Sideways present pile.

For her party we were going to try "decopatching" some papier mache animals.

We are fortunate to have space for two tables in the house so I could set up a table seperately for the party food. This was the first year we've had to eat inside for her party as it was too cold and damp to be outside all the time. I guess we've been really lucky up till now.

Candles added (fairies and stars from a pack from Poundland)

A made and decorated some fairy cakes (with a little help) to give away to each party goer.

The highlight for A was playing the mummy game.

Later we had another little party for granny and grandpa etc.

They were much taken by the hama beads and made coasters to take home.

We had offie pie for pudding as the bananas I'd bought a few days previous for the banoffie pie were still too green to eat (I tried one, it was foul!). There's still some pie left, I think N and I will have some for lunch later once I collect him from nursery...


Jennyff said...

Lovely photos. I am planning a wool buying trip to New Lanark myself this week.

VintageVicki said...

I've been to New Lanark many many years ago when I was pregnant with Big Son :)

Lovely birthday cake - I like the smartie pattern.

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a fascinating place. Of course it reminds me of "North and South". :)

I suppose red telephone boxes are going the way of the dinosaur in this age of mobiles. I like that very large globe - it seems to give a better idea of how big the world is.

Happy birthday to A! And what a beautiful suncatcher in your window.

June said...

Happy Birthday to A! New Lanark seems a very interesting place. That big globe is a fantastic idea to get kids involved and the dressing up too.

Gillian Roe said...

Lovely photos, especially the shots of the tenements and the bunting.

That cake is amazing, it's so perfect. Looks like a good party was had. Playing the mummy game with a loo roll, that takes me back!

Gerda said...

Lovely photo's, those old buildings, (i have to look up the word tenements) love it. And it surely was a nice birthday, your little one is lucky. Nice idea too.

Lyn said...

Lanark looks lovely and reminds me of Saltaire.
The party looks fun and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

Louise said...

New Lanark looks like a great place to visit, full of intersting things :)

The birthday cake looks great, I hope A had a lovely day.

Claire said...

Sounds and looks like an interesting place Ann. Love the mosaics and the boxing hares sculpture.

Looks like A had a great birthday and 'offie' pie sounds pretty yummy even without the banana, hehe.......

Claire :}

Dawn said...

Love the sculptures... and the cakes!
Happy Birthday to A!

Rattling On said...

More great cakes! And I love your party decoupage idea, I know lots of adults who'd enjoy a party like that.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Lovely photos from your trip, I really like the huge globe and also the insects. Your cake looks delicious, I could eat that right now! I hope A had a lovely day, it certainly looks like it. Bethx


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